Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Seven Deadly Sins

No, not those seven deadly sins, my seven deadly sins. You know, the stuff I do even though I know I probably shouldn't...the stuff that may, in fact, literally kill me? That stuff.

1) reading while walking (have you ever walked into a river because you had your nose in a book? me neither, but I did miss the bridge once and step onto the grass!)
2) staying up too late (usually doing stupid stuff, like dinking around online watching forums for new posts, even though everyone else I know is several time zones ahead of me and has already gone to bed)
3) eating while driving
4) talking with food in my mouth (and also driving or not driving...)
5) even-ing desserts (I'll have to post a photo...I don't really eat whole pieces, I just take a little snitch, and then I even the edge, and then even some more, and some more...)
6) speaking my mind, with or without tact
7) blogging (see #2, 5, and 6 for details)

At least I don't ever EVER talk on the phone while driving. I refuse--even when I had a cell phone.


RunninL8 said...

well...uh.....I eat, talk, and read in the car. Actually, I don't read in the car anymore. Well, maybe when the engine is off. Last time i read while driving it put me in the "alpha state" and even when I stopped reading I still fell asleep and ended up in the ditch. The car and I were fine-but what a punch in the face. Could have been so much worse.

saskia said...

hee hee...

KnittingFisher said...

I've walked into people while reading:) Made me feel like a right dork too...especially because it was a textbook and it was summer!

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