Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Super Mommy Bee!

What superpower would you want most?
Ahh, you must know I've been watching Heroes this summer, so superpowers are very much on my mind.
It's a hard call, you know? There are so many cool options: mind-reading, healing/regeneration, walking through stuff, telekenisis, flying, invisibility, persuasion (being able to talk anybody into anything), breaking the time/space continuum (hey, a gold star for anyone who can give me another word with a double U in it!)...
I know I don't need super hearing, super strength, laser eyes, or the ability to blow stuff up. Super speed would have it's uses for a mommy, as would the stretchy-skills of Mr Fantastic (or Elastigirl, but hey, Mr F came first).
Just the other day I thought of a great mommy super power: the ability to always know when one of my kids needed to go to the potty. How great would that be? I mean, toilet training would be a breeze, and we'd never have dirty underpants or wet beds. Even the wait-till-the-last-possible-nanosecond-to-sprint-for-the-bathroom syndrome would be nipped in the bud if mom knew to tell the child to go.
I can think of some other great mommy superpowers, like the ability to make everyone always tell me the truth, or to know precisely when it was going to rain (so I could plan my walks around it).
Frankly, I think that the superpower I DO have (making milk) is pretty darn groovy. But I know that's not in the spirit of the question...
...and in the spirit of the question, unoriginal as this answer is, I think I have to go with teleporting.

(Pssst, Did you think of another double U word? The only one I can think of is vacuum. Weird lookin words though, aren't they? Continuum and vacuum?!)

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Carolyn said...

There's a bunch of double u words. Check out this website: it lists 31 words containing double u's.

As far as superpowers? I think the ability to instantly make my children fall asleep would be quite nice. Especially if I had the power also to keep them asleep until it was a reasonable time to wake up.

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