Thursday, December 24, 2009

Grinchy Musings

I like Christmas, I really do. But after a whole month of love and light I confess I definitely have my moments of relating to Scrooge or the Grinch. Of course, the best things about those characters is that in the end they learn to love, and they cease to be "Scroogelike" and "Grinchy" respectively...but for the moment (in lighthearted fun of course) I thought I'd share a few of my Grinchier holiday thoughts:
(did I just make up that word, grinchier? hmm, nice!)

  • All the twinkle lights shining on my tree, window, and front porch stairs are a little less lovely when I consider how they will shine through my electric bill next month.
  • I hate people spending money they don't have for stuff they don't need. The only thing that's worse is people spending money (whether they have it or not) to give me stuff that I don't need/have nowhere to put.
  • Really bad commercials. Need I say more? (Of course there are a few funny ones too, like this one, or this one.)
  • Some of the worst "traditional, must-see movies" seem to be official holiday fare. It's often difficult to escape...even if I manage to avoid seeing the actual film (which I usually do), I frequently have to hear it mentioned or even quoted, and then come the memories...and the pain...
  • Ditto on some of the worst songs ever...(and I'm not the only one who thinks so!) oh, excuse me, did you just say "snow" or "bell" or "winter" or "santa" or "tree" in that lame love song? Well, nobody would listen to it otherwise, but we'll call it a Christmas Song and give it airtime anyway! (everybody pardon me while I go barf for a minute).
  • Having a newborn baby is a good excuse to not take goody plates to anyone else this year...and to eat more than my share of the goodies on the plates that are brought to us. (Hey, I need those extra 1000 calories a day for the nursling, I'm required to eat them, I have to get them in wherever I can!)
  • It's a bit lame that some of the best foods are somehow 'reserved' for Christmas. Who decided that anyway? Can I take my post-pregnancy hormonal self on a little shooting spree in said persons' vicinity? I mean, really, we should eat homemade truffles and cardamom bread and peppermint pie all year long. Duh.
  • It seems to be a law of the universe that my biggest sewing/knitting failures (you know, the "EPIC FAIL" ones) always happen when I'm trying to work too fast to get something finished up in time to slip it under the tree...Nothing stresses me out like a project on a timeline gone horribly horribly wrong.
  • And finally, I get grinchy over the growing trend of not bothering to send holiday greeting cards/letters/photos (or with going digital--yes, this may be the only anti-green sentiment you ever hear from me, write it down someplace quick!). I know stamps are expensive (I have three international addresses on my list--that's 98cents now!) I know not everybody has the time or money every year...but really truly I think the thought counts for something, and I like hearing from people and seeing all those pretty cards taped up on the wall.
So Merry Christmas! You survived another year, and if you eat enough sugar cookies in the next few days you will probably survive the next one. Probably. (You may have to jumpstart with another batch of cookies around Valentines or Easter.)


Janeen said...

And this if you CELEBRATE Christmas. When you don't, it's even worse!

What really bummed me out is I went back to the US for Thanksgiving to enjoy the FOOD and I end up pregnant before I go and left with no appetite for most of it! Talk about a bummer!

But I agree, all foods should be available all year around!

Christa said...

I'm being a scrooge because I'm 6 days from my due date. I can't eat all those lovely foods my family is enjoying, because I get super sick at even the thought. Oh and the fact that I've been in prodromal labor for 2 weeks now, I'd prefer no one say Merry or Happy anything to me right now.

Janeen said...

Christa, I was due Christmas Eve with my daughter four years ago. It was NOT fun! She was three days late and that was even less fun. I went into labor two hours after Christmas ended (2am December 26th). But yeah, I hear you. I was able to eat but was very uncomfortable sitting due to my sciatica issues. I could barely even more by Christmas Day. SO GLAD this baby is due nowhere near the holidays! He/she is due in July. Not that that is a whole lot better when I'm living in a warm/humid climate but about all I eat in the summer is tuna salad and subs. Oh, for the record though, being in first trimester for Thanksgiving wasn't any more fun. Food was the last thing I wanted to eat!

nicole said...

Ha ha! This is hilarious. I think the one that gets me most is the commercialism. Here's a tip... never step into a Wal-mart on Christmas Eve Day. That's one sure way to sap the spirit out of Christmas!

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