Friday, December 4, 2009

Facebook Friday

Saturday 11/28
Jenni had a crying baby but needed to finish getting the laundry into the drier before getting him, so the toddler offered to nurse the baby!
[I chuckled at his suggestion and said "you're gonna nurse the baby for me huh? That's very nice of you!" And he cuddled up next to the baby for a few moments, then announced that they were done, and he ran off again. *shrug*]
Jenni made the world's cutest diaper (yet again...I've done that so many times), and put it on the baby...and he promptly pooped in it. Way to break it in kiddo. -------->
[It's an all-in-one with velour inner and two rows of snaps to make the rise adjustable...]

Monday 11/30
Jenni wishes that the two little ones would take turns needing me rather than wanting me at the same times in the middle of the night...I'd really like to sleep of course, but if they'd take turns then at least I could attend to them both, rather than having to ignore one and winding up with crying that wakes the whole house.
Jenni loves looking at the snow...but upon going to the pediatrician's this morning she remembers how much she hates driving in it.
Jenni will not be online on Tuesdays. Must sew and knit more. Must stare at screen less. If you ever catch me online on a Tuesday then chew me out, ok?! (Peer pressure at its finest!!)

Tuesday 12/1 I sewed and knitted and played with my kids. ☺

Wednesday 12/2
Jenni is thankful for gripe water.
Jenni is so blessed: healthy kids, generous friends, a break in the clouds, a season of giving, and the most beautiful place on earth to call home.

Friday 12/4
Jenni's sister is coming to visit!
Jenni WILL BE COMPLETELY HONEST... you can ask me ONE question. Any question, no matter how crazy. I WILL answer no matter what. You have my FULL honesty, but I DARE you to put this as your status and see what questions you get...
[no questions yet...I'll answer you in the comments here too though. I find it fascinating what people think to ask!]
Jenni wishes the baby would stay latched on without needing my help so much. I got spoiled nursing a toddler and forgot how much work it can be with an infant!!

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