Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Checking in on my 2009 Goals

In January I listed a few goals for myself for the year, so I thought I'd check in and see how I did with them...

I got off to a really good start on all my etsy-oriented ones, although I didn't maintain them very well through the move (sewing machine in storage + all materials in storage = not a lot of sewing/listing going on for a few months there!) plus the end of the pregnancy and newborn stage are not great times for focusing on my shop either. In the early months though I did keep up with the sewing/listing things every week as planned, and introduced a couple of new products (just not 6 as I'd hoped.) BUT even through the summer downtime, I didn't let the shop entirely die, I didn't spend anything on new materials, I did get a lot of new things sewn/listed/sold, and all in all I'm happy about it.

As for my personal goals:

Pay off credit card
Unfortunately moving was expensive enough that we didn't quite get the thing paid off (had to use it again to get through the paycheck gap) but we made a LOT of progress, so I can't feel too badly about it. Come tax return time I hope to finally get the last bit paid off. (Another kid = another deduction, so that will help!!)

Knit a sweater for Wolf
I've made a lot of progress...I was up to the shoulders (just needed to do the sleeves) but it's a stranded sweater and I discovered that some of my stranding had pulled too tight so I'm having to frog (undo) almost half of the body...I could just cry. I had high hopes of getting it done for Christmas, but I tried the body on Wolf and it's pretty snug and I know it wouldn't fit him long if I don't redo that stranding. So I'm redoing it, and I guess it won't be his Christmas present after all. But if something is worth doing, it's worth doing right. I'm dozens of hours into this project, and I would hate to finish it and have him not be able to wear it...better to back up and fix it now. *sigh*
026 025
(see how pulled it is through the ships?At least the lower stranding is ok!)

Get pregnant ☺
I'd say this one went pretty well. I actually did it twice, and managed to do so early enough to see the results within the year as well!

Spend less time on the internet
This has its ups and downs. Sometimes I do really well, sometimes not so well...but I have gotten back to reading more which has me off the computer, and with an additional kid in the house that keeps me busier too. I have designated Tuesdays as my no-net (no-computer) day, so I'm trying to be really good about that. Three weeks down so far...

Get Bear night-weaned and sleeping through the night
Well, he's weaned...some nights he sleeps through the night but not all the time yet. It's a work in process I suppose, and one of these days he'll get it down!
Here's a bonus though--he's learned to use the potty, and does so quite independently! Well, except for the part about putting clothing back on after he's pulled it off to go...but you can't have everything, right?!

Be supportive of my Hubby in his weight loss goal by providing appropriate and helpful foods (and not too many unhelpful ones!)
I wasn't perfect, but I think I stuck to my end of it pretty well. He got off to a great start but over the summer things kinda petered out and it took a while for him to get up and going again...however there's visible progress, and here's to continued progress in the coming year!

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Elizabeth said...

I think you did great at working on your goals! We're all works in progress, no?

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