Saturday, December 26, 2009

Facebook Weekend (holiday edition)

Jenni and the kids just got back from the dough has chilled (and so have we!) so we're making Christmas cookies!

Happy 6th Anniversary to me!

Winter Solstice
Here comes the sun little darlin'...and the Son too. I love this season of celebrating light from many sources.
See my posts Season of Light and Celebrating Solstice
...FOUND THE DPNS!!! They were under the couch

...finished sewing the kids' christmas eve jammies...they're wrapped and under the tree. :)
...really really really really really dislikes knitting with DPNs (double pointed needles). But this sleeve is at an awkward size right now where it's too big to magic loop it on my 40" circulars and too small to use my 16" DPNs it is... *sigh*

(This week Wednesday was the off-computer day)

... is hoping that the last two packages of presents (one from each grandma) arrive today...both were mailed early, but somehow neither one has made it here yet.
(they did make it, whew!)
...finds it a little depressing that so many people have switched to digital holiday greetings (or ditched them altogether). I'm usually all in favor of going green, but once a year I want to see all those cards/pictures taped up on my wall. It makes me feel loved...and when I look at my wall on Christmas eve and see only 7 cards, well, WTHeck people?!

...loves seeing the kids' eyes light up when they get something perfect...or give it.

Merry CHRISTmas folks. ☺

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