Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Kids Do the Darndest Things

Today's kiddo moment is from the archives so to speak...I wasn't blogging yet when Wolf was doing goofy toddler/preschooler things, but he was as amusing as Bear has ever been (even though he hasn't gotten as much print space), so this post is devoted to him.

When Wolf was about 4, there was some kind of disturbance up the street that involved a police car being parked in front of the house for an hour or so. Wolf was fascinated of course (he was in the "I want to be a policeman when I grow up" stage). He and daddy stood outside for a while and looked over at the car and talked about how police officers help keep us safe. A little later that evening as Wolf was saying his prayers at bedtime, I heard the following from his room:
"Thank you for policemen, for keeping us safe, and for helping us...BJOOOOO! BJOOOO! BJOOOO!"
[yes, he was making shooting noises mid-prayer!]
Daddy had been sitting with him as he prayed, and he told me afterward that it was all he could do to not laugh out loud...but thankfully he kept his cool and Wolf went on to finish his prayer without realizing just how much he'd entertained his parents.


Mallory said...

Hilarious! I don't think I could have kept from laughing in that situation!

SisuGirl said...

I can totally see Wolf doing this!

Brandi (Maxfield) Morstad said...

how cute!

Becky said...

Flip, he's adorable!! And it's true - it's hard to teach them correct prayer behavior when you're desperately trying not to snort. :)

Aliy said...

Oh so sweet.... i would have laughed i'm sure

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