Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What we ♥ about cloth diapering

In honor of Valentine's Day, this week I am posting a few "why I love ____" lists. Starting today is cloth diapers--this was collected from the mamas on the etsy cloth diaper team--a list of why we (as cloth diaper makers) love using cloth diapers for our little ones. ("LilBees" is me)

We love...
  • Knowing that my baby is comfortable in soft fabric rather than rough paper or sticky plastic. (LilBees)
  • How soft they are on my babies bum. (PudderPals
  • Two words: "Bamboo velour." If you've ever touched it you understand! (LilBees)
  • That they aren't made of paper products ☺(Suzanne'sSpecialKids
  • That they are not crinkly or smell like fake baby powder (WinkyDinks)
  • That they don't smell like chemicals when they pee in cloth diapers. (LittleMooseDiapers)
  • That I can use the same diaper over and over, even for multiple kids. (LilBees)
  • That they are a conversation starter (WinkyDinks)
  • How cute they are - its another part of their outfit (WinkyDinks
  • How cute and fluffy it makes my little one's bum. (PudderPals)
  • Having something cute on their buns ☺ Disposables are not cute... (3MonkeysClothDiapers)
  • That I get to be creative and make whatever I think is cute into a butt cover to use over and over and over...(Chelory Boutique)
  • Having a favorite diaper, and getting to use it over and over and over... (LilBees)
  • Being able to pick and choose which cute item they'll be wearing on their bum! (LittleMooseDiapers)
  • That they like their diapers and choose which one they want to wear next. (3MonkeysClothDiapers)
  • That even though my diapers are OSFM (one-size-fits-most) the absorbency isn't. I can have light absorbency one day and then bump it up the next. (PudderPals)
  • That it doesn't matter if the baby pees/poops mere seconds after I put on a new dipe because I can just toss it in the wash, I'm not out 50cents for 5 seconds of use. (LilBees)
  • That since I have twins, can I just tell you how much money I have saved by cloth diapering???? (3MonkeysClothDiapers)
  • That since I've had one or another in diapers for the last 3 years, with another one coming soon...all the money we've saved has allowed me to stay home with the children! (LittleMooseDiapers)
  • That I don't ever run out of diapers! (PudderPals)
  • That I don't have to plan ahead to make sure that I never run out of diapers...if I'm running low I just throw them in the wash. ( LilBees)
  • That they can be made to look like real undies (Suzanne'sSpecialKids)
  • That they can be completely customized for my special needs child (Suzanne'sSpecialKids)
  • That they add a bit of "typical" to a special child's life ☺(Suzanne'sSpecialKids)
  • That I have made my children's diapers with my own hands...there is a sense of independence and accomplishment in that. (LittleMooseDiapers)
  • I am always super proud to say, yes I made that!! (3MonkeysClothDiapers)


Samurai Mom said...

I use flats and I just LOVE folding them. little baby origami. And when I use prefolds I love snappis.

Mallory said...

I wish I had the motivation to try and make my own cloth dipes! And I wish I had the money to buy really nice AIOs. I guess I'll just stick with prefolds and cheap covers!

gpc said...

And years and years later, you've still got lovely dust rags! :)

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