Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"We lived our lives in fear"

This was my immediate gut response to what my sister wrote (which I posted yesterday)

I think 'fear' hits the nail on the head. I think we live in a culture of fear, and that it drives many people's choices. We fear pain, thus we take medications and use epidurals. We fear work, so we use elevators and cars and automatic mixers and other labor-saving devices without thinking about alternatives. We fear sickness, so we over-vaccinate and take medications for the smallest symptom. We fear death, so we refuse to talk about it, and then when it happens we try to make it into a big deal with lavish coffins, "lifelike" embalming, and over-the-top funerals. We fear truth, so we lie to others--and to ourselves.
But fear is the opposite of faith.
And a world full of fear can only happen in a world void of faith.


Mallory said...

I love this response! It is so true! I try so hard to have faith in simplicity. I don't think God made a world so complex and scary. We just make it that way!

Sarah said...

Wonderful thoughts!

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