Friday, February 12, 2010

Little things I ♥ that make me happy

  • The bubbles that show that my yeast/water mixture is growing and ready to be added to the bread dough.
  • Putting a diaper on my baby and knowing that *I* made it.
  • Watching any member of my family use or wear something that I made for them.
  • Holding an armful of warm, clean, soft cloth diapers straight from the dryer.
  • Baby smiles
  • Toddler laughs
  • Hugs from my kids
  • Cuddles with my Honey
  • When my Hubby says "It's your call, I'll support whatever you want to do" ♥
  • The smell of bread baking, and eating freshly-baked bread
  • The sense of accomplishment when I finish something--making a meal, baking bread, sewing or knitting something, etc.
  • Hearing that someone loved something I made for them (whether it was a business transaction or a gift).
  • Using my glass bowls & pans, bamboo cutting boards, stainless steel utensils, pans & measuring cups, wooden spoons, or other quality kitchen tools that my Hubby has been giving me at almost every birthday and Christmas since we got married.
  • Using my bernina sewing machine. Having a good quality tool makes the work so much nicer.
  • Using my knitpicks options knitting needles.
  • Going to unload the dishwasher and discovering that someone else did it for me.
  • Waking up and realizing that I've just slept for 4 continuous hours.
  • Getting comments on my blog posts.


Mallory said...

Yay! I love a lot of those things, too! I especially love sleeping for 4+ continuous hours...doesn't happen very often. And that makes me love it even more than normal! :D

nicole said...

Way to be grateful! Thinking about all those little happy things is such a great way to keep positive about life! Yay! You deserve every happiness Mommybee. :)

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