Sunday, February 14, 2010

Things I ♥ about my Honey

  • Seeing him read with the boys and snuggle them at bedtime
  • He was excited to catch our babies as they were born
  • He is supportive of me, even in my wilder ideas
  • The way he insists on taking me out or getting me little presents, even though I tell him I don't really need it
  • His teaching me to be more spontaneous
  • His dimple (just one!) and the fact that he gave dimples to some of the kids
  • His curly hair
  • His gorgeous blue eyes
  • He works hard to provide for the family
  • He likes to tell other people how cool I am, or how neat something I made is
  • He's a good cook too, and likes to take his turn in the kitchen
  • He's a careful thinker, and has opened my eyes and gotten me thinking on a number of topics (political, social, moral, and philosophical) over the years.
  • He loves me, even on the days when I'm not terribly lovable
I had to take digital photos of the prints in our wedding album because we didn't have any photos of just us together (we had a few family shots but that's it). 

♥ Happy Valentines Day Honey ♥

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Kristina said...

So sweet! Thanks for sharing!

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