Thursday, February 11, 2010

Some things I ♥ about living in Alaska

  • The Permenant Fund Dividends 
  • The way that most folks here walk to their own beat
  • The way that most folks here are comfortable with everyone else walking to their own beat too
  • Many of my 'hippie' ways (such as unmedicated childbirthing) are common
  • That most everybody has a dog that's a member of the family, and therefore most hotels allow dogs
  • The government here mostly has a 'hands-off' attitude
  • The way that the rest of the country forgets we are here and leaves us alone
  • No state income tax
  • It's actually possible for a family to live on a teacher's income here
  • Awesome berries
  • Huge vegetables (thank you midnight sun!)
  • The midnight sun
  • The northern lights
  • The wintertime sunrises (which aren't until 9am so I get to see every one of them) (photo taken from my porch)
  • The way that people take care of each other
  • Knitting is a worthwhile endeavor here because we can wear our nice wool sweaters 11 months of the year
  • Living on the Last Frontier--one of those rare places that actually still has wilderness
  • The views (first photo taken from my porch again, the other an hour from here)


Mallory said...

BEAUTIFUL! I would live there if I could, just for the good photo ops! Then again, as I'm sitting here freezing in my computer chair, I'm thinking about how pretty New Mexico is, too. And warm. Maybe I should move there instead!

Thomasin said...

I needed to re-read this point. Thank you! My husband and I are considering a job in Dillingham and, honestly, you're the only person I "know" up there so I'm taking notes from your blog to pass along to Justin. It's scary (for me) to consider moving so far from my family and the Lower 48 I know so well. But you make AK sound beautiful and positive, even with the dark winters and isolation. There's a postive way to view everything and I need to keep that in mind as we consider this opportunity. Next step: our lives move forward! Still unsure where we'll end up, but I'm hopeful. :-)

Mommy Bee said...

Dillingham looks like a decent sized town, and within a couple of hours of Anchorage, which is always nice. In that area the dark winters are not arctic-circle dark--you'll still get 6-7hours of light, which is the middle of the day. Sure, it's short, but it's not horrible. It changes at a rate of 5min/day, so 35min/wk, so those really short days only last a couple of weeks. And the darkest weeks are around Christmastime, when there is lots to distract you from the dark. I also celebrate solstice since coming up here--light is more significant to me than it used to be. :)

Idalia said...

I like the photo!
Thank you!

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