Thursday, February 25, 2010

No Middle Ground

There are a few foods in the world that people either love or hate. Some things do not seem to allow middle ground.

For example, mushrooms. I don't know anyone who is ambivalent about mushrooms. Either they love them or they won't touch them. I can't stand the things (in spite of the fact that they add great flavor to sauce). They are just so slimy and all I can think of is slugs...

My sister tells me that in Brazil they have Acai juice everywhere, and it's another love-it-or-hate-it thing. She hated it. Her husband loved it. Being that they don't live in Brazil at the present, I don't know whether their kids have had (or will have) the opportunity to decide which team to join.

I also can't stand pudding skin. I'd rather have an instant pudding with no skin, but my hubby's favorite part is the skin, so he likes to make a batch and then pour it into a really big pan so that it's only 1/2 inch thick but has the maximum amount of pudding skin. He mentioned this to his dad recently, and his dad's eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas. Apparently he is another pudding skin lover, because he thought it was a fabulous idea.

Tomatoes are another common one--although apparently that great divide can be crossed, because as a kid I hated them but in adulthood I came to love them. I don't know how that happens, but still there's no middle ground...I just appear to be a line-hopper in that case.

But now I admit to the weird one:
I like lumps in my cream of wheat.
Does this put my sanity into question?

Which side are you on? Can you think of any more?


Mallory said...

I must say, I am ambivalent toward mushrooms. Sorry to prove you wrong on that one! :D But, I generally agree with the love-it/hate-it thing. I hate pudding skin. I dislike fresh tomatoes, but I eat tomato sauces.

I think dark vs. white chocolate is usually a love/hate thing. I hate dark, love white! Also, here in Cincinnati, the big love/hate thing is our native chili. (Most out of staters call it Ohio Chili, we call it Cincinnati Chili or our fav restaurant that serves it.) I LOVE me some Skyline Chili! But, my husband HATES it!

Eternal Lizdom said...

I have a good friend who is "meh" about shrimp. Doesn't love it, doesn't hate it. I think she's really unique in that opinion- most other people have a love or hate side with shrimp (I'm totally in love, btw).

Julie said...

I love lumps in my cream of wheat. I'm with you on the tomatoes. Mushrooms I can't stand by themselves but I can eat them on pizza or in something else. They do resemble slugs. One time I was brave and tried escargot (snail) served in a mushroom. While the taste was good I couldn't handle the texture. I think cilantro is one of those all or nothing deals.I used to hate it although, I'm forcing myself to acquire a taste because it really does add flavor.

Brooke said...

I like mushrooms but could live without them. I'm the opposite on pudding skin, can live with it but prefer not to have it. I love tomatoes!! As for chocolate the darker the better, but I enjoy milk and white choc as well... As for lumpy cream of wheat, no thanks!!

Thomasin said...

How about... lemonade? It's the grossest substance EVER but I think I'm the only person I know who despises it. Everyone else adores it.

When I was little, we'd beg my mother to make our cream of wheat (or malto meal) lumpy. Whoever had the most lumps in their bowl won (the prestige of being the lumpiest?).

Jennie said...

I think onions are something that can elicit some really strong reactions, though I guess I do think there are a lot of people on the fence with them.

I hated mushrooms until I had stuffed mushrooms. That got my foot in the door, and now I have started to really appreciate mushrooms in all sorts of varieties.

I love tomatoes, love chocolate. Never had pudding skins or cream of wheat really.

katef said...

Mushrooms I can take or leave.. depends how they are cooked. But I can not, under any circumstances eat savoury food combined with sweet... apricot chicken??? Are you out of your mind!?!?!? LOL

Alicia and Justin Clark said...

love the lumpy cream of wheat, it needs the texture! lol

Eli, Leslie & Victoria said...

i dislike tomatoes but i love homemade salsa, I dislike shimp but love crab cakes, I hate bananas, but love banana bread. mushrooms remind me of squid, it makes me gag. its weird. i really liked this post it was fun to read!

Jessica said...

Mushrooms and tomatoes are both foods I've been a "fence hopper" on; I didn't like them as a kid, but now really enjoy them. Of course, I don't like mushrooms on salad, but love them stuffed or on pizza.
I'm with you on the pudding skin, though, I've tried mixing it in and it just makes the whole bowl nasty.
Lumpy cream of wheat? Sorry, no, just the thought makes me cringe.
Shrimp is a weird one. I usually think it smells good, but once it's on my plate I can't eat more than one piece - it just seems gross.
My hubby said he thinks avacados are another "no middle ground" food. He and I love them, but our daughter won't touch them.
Fun post!

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