Monday, February 1, 2010

January FOs

These were the Christmas jammie pants but since I neglected to post them then, here they are now.
Unfortunately I can't post photos of them in use because (as was inevitable) Eagle has already outgrown his.

And here are the FOs (finished objects) for January:

For self/family:

  • 1 fleece vest for Hubby
  • 1 diaper (upcycled from a towel that was dying...another one is cut out but I haven't made it yet...can you believe that Eagle is moving into medium diapers already? He's right on the border between small and mediums right now, so this is a medium with a fold-down front to bridge the gap...) 
  • a bunch of velour diaper liners (Eagle's skin reacts to synthetic fabrics, including all the microfleece I'm making some new ones, but using liners in the meantime). (I'm in the market to sell/trade a bunch of microfleece pocket diapers by the if you're interested in details. )
  • 2 snack bags (tutorial here) (they are pretty sweet, I lined them with nylon so they hold up to sticky or damp things, and I'm going to make a bunch more I think)
  • 3 'wash bags' (aka mesh 'lingerie bags,' but I use them for nursing pads and cloth 'nuggert wipers' aka kleenex)
  • 1 pair longies for my secret sister
  • 1 pair of crutch pads for Hubby (covered in the camo fleece leftover from his hunting vest. Oh yes, I made him manly crutches!)
  • most of 1 sleeve of Wolf's sweater (yeah, I still have a few rows left...)

For etsy shops:
  • 3 sun hats
  • 1 diaper
  • 3 sets nursing pads
  • 1 set pantyliners
  • 1 set diaper liners 


nicole said...

Wow! Too cool! It feels so good to create something... especially when it makes life better or easier for people we love. Way to go!

Maria said...

Wow - you have been busy! Isn't it crazy how when your baby need things (clothes/diapers etc) you just find the time to whip them out?! And thanks for the snack bag tute!

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