Wednesday, October 21, 2009

You Might Be 37 Weeks Pregnant...

...if you desperately have to go to the potty, and when you get there it hits you that you did this just 20 minutes ago.
...and you can't make much of anything.
...and even after emptying your bladder it doesn't feel much different.
...if you've definitely got that waddle goin' on.
...if you can't get comfortable on any couch or chair in your house, and have taken to carrying around an exercise ball (aka "birth ball") to sit on instead.
...if all the baby everything in the house is washed, the crib is set up, and you've made up your bed with an old shower curtain under the sheet (in case your water breaks in the middle of the night) because you don't want to ruin your new mattress.
...if your hips feel sortof loose and sore, like you just spent 20 minutes in a deep yoga squat...except you didn't. (That's the relaxin kicking in--getting everything nice and loose so the kiddo can slide through!)
...if you can feel that head nestled in your pelvis, and that foot pushing on your rib, and see one half of your belly sticking out further than the other half because that's the side where the kiddo's back is.
...and you can see precisely where his little bottom is, so sometimes you pat it because you know it's cute even though you can't see it yet.
...if you need to pee at least once and often twice every night.
...if getting out of bed is a production, especially if it involves rolling over, and you know that if you were so short-sighted as to lay down on the floor you might never ever get up again.
...if you feel a renewed commitment to taking your red raspberry leaf, cod liver oil, probiotics, and drinking lots and lots of water.
...if your dinner appetite is about the same as the two-year-old's (because your stomach is also about the same size).
...if you feel tired pretty much from the time you wake up, and yet you have these weird bursts of energy wherein you deep clean the bathroom or wash all the towels and sheets in the whole house.
...if you got three times the normal number of braxton hicks yesterday (including a couple strong enough to count as honest-to-goodness contractions) because your body seemed to know that 37 weeks is officially "full term" and therefore in the clear for labor to start.
...if you have to go to the potty again.

So, how has your week been?!


Christa said...

This made me laugh so hard, I'm only 30 weeks but I have a hard time rolling over. Mostly because her back is to my back about 70% of the time, so finding a comfy spot is like finding a needle in a hay stack. I've never been pregnant past 32 weeks, well I've only had the opportunity once, and yes there were two of them in there, but still. I think that's why my mind is freaking out that I still have so much to do, it remembers have two babies in two weeks, when the truth is I have atleast 7 to go.

Becky said...

Hee, hee! I remember all of that stuff. So do you think you'll have this one early? It sounds like you are ready, even if he isn't. :)

Mallory said...

Wow...37 weeks already!?! I love all these little things about being really pregnant. I remember them, and surprisingly enough, I can't wait to experience them again!

BonnieKaye said...

So funny!

nicole said...

So true. Yay! Not too much longer now!! I'm excited for you!! Hope the labor and deliver go smoothly.

Mommy Bee said...

Becky--no, I don't really expect to have him early. Maybe on the earlier side of "on time" (Bear came at 39wks), but I don't expect--or want--him to come for at *least* another week, and two would be fine. I will admit that I'll probably start getting impatient if it's three though LOL.

LesEliTori said...

Mommy Bee I am soo happy for you! I have checked in on your blog since last december... My hubby and I have been trying to get pregnant since we were married in aug '07. He is deployed a lot so that definatly hasnt helped us. We are also LDS. I love reading your posts. You help me to have hope that my hubby and i can get pregnant soon. I pray that you have a safe and quick labor. Congrats.

Jessica said...

I love the part about patting Baby's bottom through your belly. It's fun just to picture that sweet baby sitting there cuddling with you 24/7. *sigh* Almost makes me miss being pregnant!

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