Friday, October 30, 2009

Facebook Friday

Sunday 10/18
Jenni's toddler has a new toy, a "pu-la-la-la-la-la-lice car" (we don't know why he puts the tongue wiggle in the middle...maybe he's adding a siren?! In any case, it's adorable.)

[also posting new belly pics--36wks] ------>

Tuesday 10/20
...just found out that my best friend may not be able to come after the baby (even though we've been planning this for months) because her work won't let her off. In moments like this I have to question whether employment isn't a bit overrated...

Wednesday 10/21
...has finalized plans for Saturday's "estre-fest" aka henna party. Oh yes, I need some estrogen in this house to gear me up for this baby!!

Thursday 10/22
... notices her boys putting syrup AND whipped cream on their pancakes (I had the whipped cream out cuz I had my pancakes with berries) and wonders if the fact that they are whole wheat pancakes is enough to justify still calling it 'breakfast' rather than 'dessert'?

Friday 10/23
...discovered that if I am willing to drive 6 miles I can go to a post office where there are no lines and the clerks are nice. Given that the PO in town involved 10+ person lines and cranky clerks every time I went, I don't mind the drive--my time... spent is the same and I don't come away hating anybody.

Saturday 10/24
...has henna on her belly...spirals and sunbursts and some personal touches. :) [photos posted last wednesday]

Monday 10/26
...has cute--and geeky--kids.

Tuesday 10/27 contemplating *just* how naughty it would be if she made candy corn cookies this afternoon...

Wednesday 10/28 [38 weeks] --------->
... is taking bets on when the baby will come...(no prize for the winner, except, you know, winning!!) Stats: *official due date is 11/11 *last baby came at 39w1d (labor started at 39w, but he was born after midnight) *my gut says this one will come on the earlier side as well *as of tuesday I'm 1cm, "very soft" and baby is at -2 station [I got bets for 11/3, 11/4, 11/6, 11/7 (two of them), and 11/8]

Thursday 10/29
... is amused that all her Utah friends who thought that "Alaska is so cold" now have enough snow to go sledding...and we had a bright sunny day with no snow yet this season!

Friday 10/30
...thinks that if last night is anything to go by, we're on babywatch proper now. The moon is full, I keep having contractions, and this little one may decide to be an October baby instead of a November one. [Also I lost my plug, which, you know, may mean 2 hours or 2 weeks...With Bear it happened at the beginning of labor...]


Mallory said...

Employment is overrated. I have to admit, sometimes I eat my pancakes with peanut butter and marshmallow good! Oh, and I would LOVE to do the henna thing on a pregnant belly, but my husband doesn't think it is appropriate because it is too much like a tattoo (even if it is temporary). And I can't think of any way to make it acceptable to him. Oh well. I think you are going to have your baby on Halloween! :D (Of course, I would hate that birthday if I was a kid, but it would be cool!) Good luck at the time creeps closer!

Katrina said...

About your Friday post--woohoo! I hope you really are on baby watch already. Maybe you'll have a Halloween baby. I'll bet he would think that's so cool!

nicole said...

Oh wow! It must be so exciting to be so close to meeting your newest little miracle. Yay!

SisuGirl said...

As the best friend, I will fully admit to feeling that my own employment is highly overrated indeed. Sadly though, Sisu cant provide her own kibble so I must fight the good fight. :(

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