Wednesday, October 7, 2009


No, I don't really have that much left to do...but when that nesting instinct kicks in, it really kicks in!
I think I mentioned a lot of these before (because they've been done for a while) but all the blankets are washed and in the drawer. All the small cloth diapers are out (though I am thinking I'll give them a prewash, even though of course I washed them all before putting them in the box!). All the babywearing stuff is washed and in the drawer. I've been watching birthy movies and reading birthy books and getting my head into labor mode (as much as I can!). I'm working on a list of things I want to remember (or have someone else remember for me) during labor. (Last time I had a whole birth plan written up and given to my OB by 28wks, but conversations with my midwife have shown me that I don't need to be nearly so formal, and that her 'standard procedure' is much closer to what I want so I don't need to lay things out so specifically for her.)
Labor and birth are feeling very close now. Bear was born at 39 weeks, and I have a gut feeling that Eagle has a good chance of coming on the earlier side as well. I don't believe in doing anything to try to affect the timing of when baby chooses to come, but I just kindof have that feeling... I'm not nervous about labor or birthing, and I'm not terribly anxious either (in that I'm glad I still have a few weeks because I don't feel like I have everything ready!) but I do know that it's coming, and probably sooner rather than later, so I'm starting to think about labor as fairly imminent. (The frequent braxton-hicks are a good reminder of that too--and they've just continued to get more frequent in the last few weeks.)
I have not washed the little jammies and hats, so I do need to do that. I need to gather up the birth day stuff and get it into one place so that I'm not running around when labor actually starts. I need to assemble the crib (which, with one side off and scooted next to our bed, will be a co-sleeper). Otherwise, I'm basically just trying to savor the time I have now with my older kids, because I know that once the baby comes things will get busier.
Oh, and we need to find a middle name for the little guy. That's starting to feel really urgent to me.

Congratulations! You’re now carrying nearly 6 lbs of baby not counting their amniotic fluid, the umbilical cord, or the placenta itself. We’re impressed because that’s a LOT of work non-stop. Are you feeling proud of yourself yet? Well, get to it—you’ve done an amazing job! At this point, your little grower is almost busting out of the womb size-wise, which make their restricted attempts to move much challenging. Of course, your stubborn little sucker is still trying to move around as if he weren’t in a cramped space. And the accumulating baby fat deposits are starting to level off so your little butter ball will be padded and warm when he heads out of his super snug little home.

The baby is definitely filling up all the space in there. I'm feeling big and somewhat worn out. I'm looking forward to the little things like being able to see my feet, bend over to pick something up, or just roll over in bed without it being a major production. Of course I know very well that it's easier to care for a baby who's on the inside than for one that's on the outside, so I'm not about to rush him...but I will be thoroughly ready to welcome him out (and my normal little body back) when the time comes.



BonnieKaye said...

Wow! I'm feeling stressed just reading about all you're doing and intend to do before baby comes. Maybe that's why Heavenly Father is allowing us to go the adoption route. Good luck!

Kaylie said...

I always heard about mommy instinct and how sometimes mommies just know. And then something would happen (like baby moving down) and I'd think "Maybe this is it!" and of course it wasn't. But then my husband and I set up the playpen the day before she arrived. Somehow we really did know.

Future Mama said...

yay!! I can't wait to see pictures of him!! I bet you are sooooo excited!!

nicole said...

How exciting for you! That last month is really tough. It's smart of you to enjoy this time with your older ones, because you're right... life with 3 is pretty crazy. You'll be outnumbered. But luckily your oldest will be a great help. Not too much longer now!!! Yay!

Brandi said...

aww! Thats so neat! I hope everything goes smoothly with the birth!

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