Monday, October 5, 2009

Little Things

I am only one, but still I am one;
I cannot do everything, but still I can do something;

And because I cannot do everything,
I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.

~~Edward Everett Hale

(commonly mis-attributed to Helen Keller)

This week I wiped up a spill on the kitchen floor with a cloth which I then tossed into a hamper rather than with a paper towel which would go into the trash.
I bought local tomatoes and lettuce (grown in-state) rather than ones shipped from 3000 miles away.
I made spaghetti with basil plucked from plants growing on my kitchen windowsill.
I combined my errands into one trip on one day rather than going out multiple times on different days.
I wiped my toddler's runny nose with cloth tissues (he calls them 'nuggert wipers') that I make by cutting up old t-shirts, and tossed them into the wash.
I used cloth wipes for myself (I know not everybody is up for that but wow I can't stand how scratchy toilet paper is anymore!), and of course I washed those too.
I paid my bills online instead of using paper checks and envelopes.
I bought my toddler boots at a second-hand store.
I cooked most of our meals from scratch. I made breakfast for my school-goers every morning.
I turned off lights and kept our heater on a lowish setting.
I sewed a couple of cloth diapers.
I washed our clothing in an energy-efficient washing machine.
I took my kids to the library and we all got books to read.
I read to my kids every day.
I cuddled with my kids almost every night (sometimes daddy does the cuddles ♥).
I am only one, but I AM one.
I cannot do everything, but I CAN do SOMEthing.
And if I am too lazy or selfish to do the things that I can do, well, shame on me. And if I take some small pride in doing the small things I can do, well, I think that's probably healthy.


BonnieKaye said...

You're awesome. I was actually thinking about buying/making cloth napkins instead of using disposable ones. Look at me going green. See, we don't disagree on all "poliitcal" issues. :)

Actually, I do think it's important to do our part to take care of our world (as long as it's not the government forcing me to do it).

Christa said...

It's so funny how when I mention little things to friends about how they can "save the planet" they think it's so crazy. Like your menstrual products... if I wasn't pregnant I would be buying them, or cloth diapers... people always say "eewww." I say eeeww to breast milk diapers sitting in a pail waiting for trash day. I can wash all those icky diapers everyday and not have a stiinky house...and save the planet.

Aliy said...

Wow love that. Little things make a difference.

mr.brighton said...

and I was supporting her all the way! I helped a little...ish

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