Thursday, October 15, 2009

Facebook Friday

Monday 10/5
Jenni's toddler ate plain peanut butter out of the jar for breakfast. Hey, it's what he wanted, and protein + some fat = good breakfast, right?
Wednesday 10/7
...just got kicked in the ribs. She doesn't remember the last kiddo ever kicking quite so high, OR so hard. [This was also the day I got my first contraction that was actually uncomfortable...must be in the home stretch now eh?]
Thursday 10/8 making plans for pie night next weekend, and a henna party (to paint my big belly) the weekend after.

Monday 10/12
...dropped of hubby at work this morning, and when I got home I found two moose in the neighbor's front yard. By the time I'd gotten the kiddo into the house we looked out the window and saw a third moose--a big bull--walking along the street ...within a few feet of our van! The dog went nuts, and the kiddo and I went back outside and took pictures!

Tuesday 10/13 hitting that point of not sure if I want the baby to hurry up already or please please please stay in for a couple more weeks so I can get stuff done.

Wednesday 10/14 debating which kinds of pie to make for pie night on friday...I'm thinking a chocolate velvet and a lemon cream cheese...

Thursday 10/15
...feels energetic this morning! What's up with that?!

...Today is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day across the world. Consider taking part in the global 'Wave of Light'. Light a candle at 7pm to join us in remembering all babies that have died during pregnancy, at, during or after birth. Post this as your status to show your support

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