Friday, October 2, 2009

Facebook Friday

shall we make this a multi-week roundup? ☺

Sunday Sep 6
Jenni is glad that Bear was happy in both hours of nursery today, and that I was able to actually go to my classes instead of sitting with him. [After a slow start, he's been liking nursery all month. A few times he's asked me when we get to go to nursery, and during the one meeting before it (when he gets to sit with me) he has started saying "I'm done here, let's go to nursery now."]

Monday Sep 7
...has a whole bunch of etsy orders to fill this week. Yay for income!

Wednesday Sep 9
...admits to having started to unpack the baby stuff. Heeheehee!

Thursday Sep 10
...dated a half dozen things with 9/11 instead of 9/10 it because it's a familiar date or because I'm trying to speed up time till baby comes? Hmm, maybe it's just because I have no idea what day it is (as usual).

Friday Sep 11
... is getting a new vacuum. WOOT WOOT!!!

Saturday Sep 12
...needs to find somewhere to get a good family photo this that I'm unpacking things I haven't seen in years I've discovered that our last family photo was over *coughfivecough* years ago!!!

Monday Sep 14
...had a productive day....but is really wishing she had a chiropractor appointment instead of a dentist appointment this afternoon.

...also wants chocolate pie. Anybody want to make me one?!

Tuesday Sep 15 so inspired: my friend just gave birth to twins, naturally, at home, they were both breech, they were full term, and they were not tiny babies either (both close to 7 lbs--she's a little lady). God made our bodies to do such amazing things!

Friday Sep 18
...spent a while at the chiropractor yesterday...whew, I feel like a new woman!

Sunday Sep 20
...thinks that more people should do more of their shopping on etsy. I'm just sayin!!!

Monday Sep 21
...JUST GOT HER VACUUM!! (thank you UPS man!!) and it is AWESOME!!!

Tuesday Sep 22
...wonders why school pictures are so expensive. They're usually not even that good. [Wolf's order form came home that day *sigh*]

Monday Sep 28 glad that we finally get PFDs this year...and has already figured out productive ways to spend all of ours...twice over...

The midwife felt my belly and said I'm "all baby"...does that mean that I have no extra fat (good), or that the kiddo is 15lbs?! (not so good!)
[yes, I've gained 15lbs as of my last appointment...oh, and the photo is from last week at 33wks]

Wednesday Sep 30 glad for some free moose meat, a sleeping toddler, and a little time to get some sewing done (without said toddler trying to climb in my lap!)

Thursday Oct 1 the paycheck today and PFDs are due in one, now we can pay all the bills!

Friday Oct 2
...realized that I'm 34wks pregnant now, but rather than a month and a half till baby, it's likely to only be a month (based on the timing last time). Ohmygosh I suddenly feel like time is very very short...gotta nest, gotta nest! [thankfully the only things I really have left are assembling the cosleeper aka crib, washing some clothing, and collecting the stuff I'll need for labor/birth...the blankets and diapers are already washed and in the drawers. ☺]

... is blaring Indigo Girls and making homemade pizza dough for dinner.


Colored With Memories said...

this is the first time i've seen this facebook round up. very should add a linky and do it on a weekly basis!

you look great...i'd take the "all baby" comment as a pure compliment!

Kate said...

Oh wow, you're pregnancy is going really fast! (For me, ha!) I'm so excited for you!

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