Monday, January 11, 2010


Baby made a the toilet!!!
At one day shy of 2 months old.
Today was the second time he stayed dry through a nap, so I took him to the bathroom and held him over the toilet and said "psspsspsspss" and voila, he peed in the toilet. Bear sat and watched and was oh so impressed (in spite of the fact that he was doing the same thing when he was even younger). ☺

I wrote about the little bit of Elimination Communication I did with Bear, and I do believe that it contributed to his learning to use the potty (on his own initiative) around his 2nd birthday.
I definitely believe in cloth diapers, and I don't hesitate to put a diaper on my kid...but especially when I'm at home, I try to pay attention, and if I pick up on patterns (like staying dry for a 2 hour nap and then filling a diaper really full right afterward) then I can use that information to make my baby's life a little more pleasant. Why use/change/wash a diaper if you don't have to, right?

Maybe Eagle will potty train himself at 18 months...shall we take bets on it?! ☺

ETA (edited to add)
We had our second EC catch an hour later (after another little nap). We're off to a good start!


Carolyn said...

Roo was about the same age as Eagle when we started EC. We had great success! She was fully out of diapers (daytime) at 19 months- to where she was completely independent using the toilet (well, potty... she was pretty little still) so it is a realistic achievement!

I've never EC'ed a boy before and am looking forward to beginning EC again in a few weeks after our son arrives! It's a fun adventure, and I've impressed many people with my baby who could pee and poop on cue! I've made many people believers in EC who were previously skeptical of it.

Mallory said...

I am definitely going to try to do EC with the new baby. Potty training Bug has been exhausting...and I haven't really been doing anything yet!

Thomasin said...

I felt like I couldn't do EC with Uli because I work part time and I couldn't ask my provider to do EC with her. Now I kinda wonder if I didn't overlook something nice: part time EC. Would it be too late to start with her now (at 14 months)?

Mommy Bee said...

Thomasin--I don't know much about late-start EC (starting after 6m), but I know there are people who do it, and yes I suspect you could do something even at 14m. The BEST resource I know is the EC yahoo group--lots and lots of experienced mamas on there. It had a pretty heavy message volume, so I set my subscription to not get individual emails, I just pose questions when I have them and then go to the site to read answers to my specific question.

Hope that helps!!

Nicawest said...

I really wish that I would have learned about this sooner- like when I only had one or 2 kids. I tried EC with my 4th. It was cool when I could do it. When she was 4 months old she impressed people with her ability to potty on cue. Unfortunately, that same child stayed in diapers/pull-ups the longest and still (at 4 years old) wets the bed. I'm so frustrated. There probably isn't a connection, but it's just strange to me that she's the only one I tried EC with. When I get out of my postpartum fog, I may try it with this one (#5).

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