Saturday, January 16, 2010

Accidental Abuse?

Disclaimer: I know domestic violence is a serious thing and I don't in any way mean to pretend that it's not. However these events the other day were so amusing that I had to share...

A few days ago I was doing some dishes. Hubby had just finished making himself some lunch, and I knew that he'd boiled some potstickers, so as I grabbed things from the sink I was careful of the pan that he had used because I knew it would be hot. I reached into another dish to grab a spoon and YEEOOWWWW! I burned all four fingers of my right hand. Even as I thrust them into the cold faucet water they still felt hot. What the...???
Apparently when he had drained the potstickers, Hubby didn't pour the water down the drain, it had gone into a pan already in the sink and he had just left it there. I had not thought that a pan from the prior night would have nearly-boiling water in it...obviously I mis-thought.
Hubby felt so bad, but I really wasn't mad at him, I was just frustrated at the pain and the situation in general. Being the strange people that we are, we started joking about it "well if you wanted to hurt me there are more direct ways to do it" "no, I wanted to do it in a sneaky way, plausible deniability you know..."
Well if that's how he wants to play, maybe I'll have to accidentally leave a strategically placed dirty diaper on the floor for him...


Crystal Escobar said...

Lol, I loved the end of this post, about the dirty diaper.
I just came across your blog somehow :), and now I'm following you.
That is so cool you live in Alaska, that's my husbands dream, he loves fishing and hunting, and all the wildlife there. We went on an Alaskan cruise a year ago and LOVED it. So beautiful!
Hope you visit my blog sometime, just looking to connect with other moms.

Niki said...

LOL I see the humor in it!!! Hubby and I have the same type of conversations sometimes!!!

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