Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Two Birthday Cakes

As I mentioned in my goals at the beginning of the year, I decided to make a fun cake for each family member's birthday this year. Today you get to see the first two, since Hubby and Bear's birthdays are less than a week apart (Bear's due date was Hubby's birthday, but he came a few days earlier). ☺

Bear's 3rd Birthday
He requested a "brown cake that I can eat," I decided it should be a big lego:
(The front bumps actually had his name, but I edited it out here...)

Hubby's birthday
A green dragon (green is his favorite color, and his 'wild thing' designation in the family is 'daddy dragon'...also The Green Dragon is the pub that the hobbits always go to in Lord of the Rings, and if that is as significant to you as it is to him, well, then you must be a geek too ☺ )
face and front feet

from the back you can see the lines for the legs and tail...

see, I used a fancy pan so there were layers in the half-dome
mmm, more cream cheese frosting!

Bear said it looked like a turtle. I'm afraid I must concede the point. I had considered making a double batch of cake and doing the tail and legs in 3-D as well as the head, but I decided that an hour was long enough to spend on a cake right now...perhaps when I don't have an infant I will consider spending 4 hours on a cake.


Alicia and Justin Clark said...

looks great! :)

lynnette said...

wow thats very impresive jenni! and looks yummy too:) ps i got your christmas card today-- thank you very much!

Crystal said...

I love the Lego cake! DS is getting his second set of Legos for his birthday in a couple of weeks. His first real (big boy) Legos were at Christmas. It was a small set and he LOVES them and is constantly creating fascinating things with them. I can hardly believe his creativity. He wants more! He's turning 6 just before Valentine's Day and I showed him your cake and asked if he wanted a Lego cake too. Of course, yes! he does! :O) Thanks for the idea. I'm thinking we'll be having a lemony flavored cake and icing so we can make it a nice bright yellow. So yummy!

laminathegreat said...

I love the lego cake and it gives me ideas. 8-)
I scored my mom's dragon cake pan. Totally from the 80's but an AWESOME dragon. 2 cake mixes. ask me on fb, I know I have picts somewhere.

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