Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ya Still Gotta Aim!

So, the last couple of weeks I have been much more on the ball with doing EC with Bear. He would always be very wet in the morning, so I always changed him immediately when he woke up, and I noticed that he was always very wet again within the hour. SO, when I do his morning change, I started taking him to the potty as well. Voila, Bear pees in the potty almost every morning...and now he usually poops while there too! (I am pleased to announce that I have only changed 5 or 6 poopy diapers in the last 10 days--because I've had at least that many times of him just going in the toilet!)

Anyway, when I hold him over the toilet, I sit backwards on the seat and hold him between my legs. I hold him low, so that his bottom is almost in the I have not been consistent about aiming his penis downwards, because it's below the rim anyway, so it doesn't matter which direction he pees...or so I thought. Yesterday I was holding him there, and said "ssssss" which is our cue sound. Then I suddenly felt very warm on my leg...sure enough, somehow his penis had gotten caught in the rolls of fat on his leg, and it was securely held, aiming backwards over his hip...right onto my leg. SO, it was a success in the sense that he peed at will while on the toilet...but it was a hilarious failure in that not one drop of the pee actually hit the water!

Mommy will be more careful to check his aim from now on!!!


NessaAnn said...

Gee, how often does your child poop? Mine only goes like once a week. I love the idea of EC but I haven't been able to find a single indicator of when baby goes. He makes absolutely no sign when he poops, and sometimes I feel horrible because it's obvious he's been sitting in it for a little while, but we've been playing and I haven't even noticed!
Maybe I'll try the morning trick--I've noticed that he does usually pee right away.

brightonwoman said...

he's been going about once a day since he was just a couple of months the last couple of weeks he has been a little less regular--2-3 times one day, none the next...but still averaging out to about once a day. And we usually get a pretty good poo in the mornings.
The first morning I took him and said 'ssss' and he just sat there. The second morning he peed a little. The third morning he peed a lot. The fourth morning he pooped a lot. Some mornings he just toots a lot, but I know he's trying to see if he can get anything out (thus the tooting) so I'm still proud of him. :-)
After peeing or pooping or tooting, he always arches his back and twists his neck around to look up and me and grin--he knows he's pleasing me and I can tell he loves it.

brightonwoman said...

Oh, besides HIM taking the initiative to often poop in the morning, really the only sign I've ever noticed is that sometimes he gets grunty when he is going to poo. So if he starts grunting then I take him to the potty.
I change him when I know he's pooped, and otherwise I jsut try to change him every 2 hrs or so, and hopefully even if there was poo that I was unaware of, at least he's not in it for too long.

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