Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Poo Day!

Yes, you heard it right, today is a happy poo day. And why is that you ask? Because today, at one day shy of a month old, S pooed in the toilet! I'm so pleased with myself. I've been interested in EC (Elimation Communication, also known as Natural Infant Hygiene -- see ) for some time. After the potty training horrors I had with my older son, I was determined that something had to be different this time. Essentially the idea is that even a newborn knows that something is going on when he needs to eliminate...and he will usually do something (grunt, get quiet, stop wiggling, etc), so the parent can learn those cues, and take the baby to the toilet rather than letting them use a diaper. When the child is old enough to go on his own, he will 'potty train' easily, because he has never become accustomed to wearing his own waste.
I didn't feel up to trying to do EC full time though--there are those who literally do not put diapers on their babies at all (just holding a cloth under them or something) but I didn't feel comfortable with that. So I decided to go for part-time EC--meaning that I would start off with the easy catches--bring him to potty after waking and after eating (if he was awake). He stymied me right off on that though, as he usually likes to poop WHILE eating. So I have only tried to potty him very I have recovered more from the delivery though, I have been taking him more and more often... to date he has pee-peed in the toilet 4 times, and today I caught him on the first grunt and we ran to the toilet and got poo!
There are those who say that it's not Infant Potty Training, it's Parent Potty Training, because the infant isn't taking himself, but the parent has to go to a lot of trouble to always take the infant...I say, hey, every time he goes in the potty, that's one diaper I don't have to change (and wash!) Furthermore, that's at least one elimation that won't ever sit against his skin, even for a second--and with the sensitive skin that my family is prone to, that is a MAJOR pro.

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alisaterry said...

It is a happy day! I've started potty training Connor and people think even he is too young at 15 months. I think people underestimate their kids and underestimate themselves.

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