Monday, February 12, 2007

The NINO Principle

Bear doesn't like sleeping unless he's in contact with a warm body--he WILL sleep in the swing for a little while if I put him in there already asleep, but he won't GO to sleep there--he'll just scream. On the one hand, it makes it hard to get things done. On the other hand, I don't think there's anything wrong with a baby wanting to be held.
I'm trying to hold to the NINO principle (gestate the baby for Nine [months] In & Nine Out). I came across a notion that makes a lot of sense--human babies are born less developed than most mammals--they can't walk, feed themselves, etc like most newborn mammals can. So, from a developmental standpoint, it's like they are born prematurely...before they are ready to let go of the literally constant maternal contact and care. Of course they have to be born 'early' because they wouldn't fit through the pelvis if they were any bigger...but that doesn't mean they are ready to be I'm trying to keep him very attached. He's an awfully happy baby most of the time, very alert too, and I genuinely believe that being attached is a major part of that. Loud noises and sudden movements rarely startle and never scare him--just this week I vacuumed while holding him, and both Wolf and the dog will hide from our noisy old vacuum...but Bear was peaceful as ever. I think it's because he knows he is secure, so is able to just absorb whatever goes on around him--without fear.


Teresa said...

My little man doesn't mind the vacuum either. I've heard that white noise like that reminds them of the belly...the noises they heard inside us. I love that babies like to be held and cuddled. I agree that it can make getting things done difficult, but they grow up so fast! You sound like such a good's so fun to read about you with your wee babe;-)He's a cutie too!

lolly said...

I totally agree with the entire post. Babies need to be held. They make that known, loud and clear. For some reason, our culture tells us we're supposed to change that. Change what? Human nature? The way God made babies? Such a ridiculous notion. So sad I part-way bought into it with my first baby, and went through a couple different times of trying to "train" her -- to go against her nature. Glad I let my intuition "get the better of me" after not too long of that.

Michelle said...

I try to remember NINO too. But my last little guy is so heavy that I'm glad he's 10 months now. LOL. I dont have to lug him around as much. OH he still gets held ALL THE TIME, but if I put him in the cart at the store I dont feel bad.

Babies need to be held. Your post was right on.

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