Thursday, October 2, 2008

Politics meets Religion

I'm registered as 'undeclared' in political party. If you've read any of my other political posts you know I have some pretty strong feelings about people who vote party line just because it's the party line (brainless idiots). Well, I have the same problem with people who get all hung up on one issue--like abortion, or gay marriage, or healthcare, or the environment. I'm not saying that these are not important issues, just that I don't think that any one issue can trump all the others, and it's pretty rediculous to vote like it can. I have spoken with some very intelligent people who feel that one certain issue (such as abortion) is important enough that they will look at a candidate's stance on that issue over any other. All other things being equal, ok, but what if all other things are NOT equal? No, I don't want babies to die, BUT there are children and adults dying every day because of the pathetic state of healthcare in this country, and there are soldiers dying in a war that is dragging on and on and if I'm truly pro-LIFE then that should include ALL lives, not just the unborn ones...and that means I've got a foot in each of the major camps because nobody out there is commited to protecting ALL life. (I could go on about this but the more I talk about it the more upset I get so I'm going to shift gears now...)
I grew up in a liberal state and thought I was conservative. Then I moved to a conservative state and discovered I was liberal. I concluded that I must be a moderate, but of course even that is not true: I simply refuse to be bound by labels such as 'liberal' 'conservative' 'democrat' or 'republican.' Instead, I try to look at things through scripture-colored glasses. On any issue, I consider the word of God...what has He said about this? Does scripture give a stance on abortion? Yup. Does it give a stance on homosexuality? Definitely. Does it give a stance on caring for the environment? Yes. Does it give a stance on welfare? war? fiscal responsibility? Oh yes it does.
Do all these stances fall within one political party? Nope. And that is why I cannot, in good conscience, declare alignment with any existing political party.

(Darn, what if there was such a party? Could we call it the "More Right" party?!)


Tim said...

Thanks for the post. It needed to be said. I've been thinking about posting a similar post on my blog, but haven't gotten around to it.

lynnette said...

couldnt agree with you more. ditto on your banned book post. (which reminds me of the famous voltaire quote 'i may not agree with what you say, but i'll defend to the death your right to say it.')

Becky said...

I read one of your husband's posts a while back about voting and write-in candidates. I very much agree with him (and you).

I guess it would just be too easy if all my opinions fit nicely into one party, huh? :)

Sea_Gal said...

ohh what a good post. I loved the way you framed the pro-life issue. Utah definetly made we more liberal too. Also there's good reson why it says independant on my voter registration.

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