Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Yes, it's almost 2, and yes, I'm up. It's because the little Bear is up too. He's been feeling sick today (feverish and, well, let's just say the diaper situation is more like a newborn than a nearly-two-year-old). I gave him some infant ibuprofen to lower his temperature so he could sleep tonight, and it definitely helped...but around 11 he woke up (first dose wore off) and he is only just now going back down... At first I was hoping he would just nod back off without additional ibuprofen (I try to avoid medicating my children whenever possible, but both my kids have a penchant for fevers that keep them awake, and being able to sleep seems helpful for recovery, so I will dose them up just to sleep). Anyway, he was clearly miserable--and was NOT sleeping--so I gave him a second dose around 12:30 or 1... I left the bottle out on the counter in case I should need it again (yes I put the child-proof cap back on, but I left the bottle out). 30 minutes later Bear was yet again climbing out of bed and running down the hall, and I rounded the corner behind him just in time to see him pushing a chair over to the counter, climbing up, and grabbing the bottle and dosing syringe...yes, it seems that our second son likes bubble gum flavor as much as our first son. (Bear was very much upset that I would not let him have more of it...poor sweet kid!)

Anyway, it's finally kicked in, his head has cooled and he's gone to sleep. So now I'm finally going to sleep too.

By the way, our internet finally seems to work properly, but our computer imploded. So Hubby is bringing home his laptop from work a couple of nights a week plus weekends, but otherwise I'm sans computer...I'm scheduling blog posts so that won't be much different, but if I take a few days to post your comments or reply to you, well, that's why.

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Anonymous said...

I definitely love you enough to comment. Your blog is inspiring and welcoming and just touches the heart.

I want to be you when I grow up and move to Alaska.

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