Saturday, October 11, 2008

How long can you grow YOUR hair?

This is just for fun, but hey, I had fun there!
How long can you potentially grow your hair?
You'll need to give it an estimate of how many hairs you lose each day, as well as an estimate of how much your hair grows each month. (FYI, the average person's hair grows about 1/2 inch per month.) You'll also need to give an estimate of how many hairs are on your head--but it has some guidelines for helping you figure that out. ☺ (Make sure you read the directions about how to enter the numbers--if you use a comma it will mess up the equasion!)
I adjusted the numbers a few times since of course they're all gave me numbers from 23 inches to 46 inches...with most of them between 35-39inches. Since my hair is currently about 29 inches, and my goal length is 36 inches, it sounds like that's probably realistic!

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Becky said...

There's a lady in my ward who has beautiful long hair. Every time it gets to a certain length she has it cut and donates it to make wigs. Have you done that before?

On a side note, I went two days this week without getting my hair wet in the morning, thinking it would drive me crazy, but one of the days was my best hair day all week! :)

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