Friday, October 31, 2008

Our Halloween

So today we all dressed up... (if you missed our costumes last year, go take a look, they were cool!)
First Bear and I made monster cookies to take to the party at the school.

Bear was a wizard, although it took a while to convince him to take off his hat, and longer to convince him to let go of the sippy cup...

Wolf was a ninja

Hubby was Wolverine!
(you can see the resemblance, right? We put elmers glue in his hair, and it was quite the ordeal trying to get it to stay up...)

isn't he hot?!
(and by the way the hair didn't stay up well at all, so he switched midday and went with something else...)

By the way, if you like trick-or-treating, Pelican is the place to live. This was Bear's first year going up to any doors, and I only took him to 6 (yes SIX) houses, and here is his haul: (yes, that is a homemade caramel apple!)
Wolf got so much that he filled up his bag AND Hubby's backpack!

1 comment:

NessaAnn said...

What a collection of handsome boys you have! I can't believe how HUGE and handsome Bear is!

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