Wednesday, December 29, 2010


You may recall a few months ago when I asked people how they would sum me up in two words.
Recently I posted this query on facebook:
Jenni apparently has a reputation... if someone were to ask YOU what I have a reputation for, what would you say?
I posed the question because recently I'd had a conversation with someone (who has a reputation for her own cooking) who said "it doesn't matter what you make for the bake sale, it's sure to be awesome." It reminded me of an experience in Pelican where something I'd baked was one of the 'hot' prizes at bingo night...and yet I don't recall having actually baked much of anything for anyone there. Somehow I had a reputation, and I wasn't--am still not--sure how I got it. I bring things to potlucks of course, but it's rare to know who brought what to those kinds of things, so I don't think that explains it.
Anyway, so it seems I have a reputation for my cooking...and I suspected I had a reputation for other things too, and I wanted to know what!

Here are some of the answers I got:
  • You have a reputation for "knowing stuff". Hahaha.
  • Troublemaker, of course.
  • cooking. Being into natural stuff.
  • Strong opinions.
  • Speaking your mind (even when you were 12!). And being firm in who you are and what you stand for. :) 
  • [from a sibling] I would have said being weird, wild, and kinda hippie...but that could be said for anyone in our family. :)
  • Being so cool.
  • Kindness
  • Telling it like it is, but with lots of love.
  • I love [your family of origin] and all your, I'd say a girl who knows at least a little about a LOT of things.

If you didn't already respond on the FB thread, what would YOU say I have a reputation for?


ashley said...

I would hope that I have a reputation for a positive attitude and fun outlook on life. That's what my coworkers always mention, so I sure hope others think so too!

Jess said...

Being a positive role model for women everywhere who want to know more about how to be healthy and live naturally... <3

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