Friday, December 3, 2010

Facebook Friday: Gratitude Edition

I haven't done one of these in a very long time, but I thought I'd do a bit of a recap of some of my status updates from the last month or so...for most of the month of November I posted things I was grateful for. ☺

"My opinions change with new information" (seen on a poster at the Rally to Restore Sanity). I don't care if you agree with me, only if you are honest with yourself about why you believe the way you do: whether it's based on habit, fear, hope, or facts. On election day tomorrow, please vote, and please give your vote the thought and integrity it deserves. Then we shall see what we shall see. ☺

Jenni is thankful for baby zerberts (if I hook him up to nurse but then don't pay enough attention to him, he GETS me. heeheehee!)

Jenni has 4 boxes going to the post office today... I'm so grateful for MDC's Holiday Helper and the chance to send things to families who need them (and that I can send *goods* since I can't afford to send anybody money this year)

Jenni is grateful for a week where many things have fallen into the places that they need to be. "All things work together for good"

mmmmm, muffins. What's not to love about muffins. :) (exploring a new recipe tonight...or, rather, a new adaptation of an old recipe: almond poppy seed muffins...
[Wolf ate two of the giant-size muffins (as in, a third of the batch). He said they were amazing, and "way better than those costco ones mom." Hmm, I seem to have succeeded!!]

Jenni worked her tail off all day. All the pumpkin is processed and frozen/canned, three pies (two kinds) cooked, three loads of dishes, and kitchen floor swept and scrubbed. Pie Night: Game On!

Jenni is grateful for long phone calls with best friends, automatic dishwashers, and warm tea and long johns when it's snowy outside.

Jenni is thankful for my Hubby, for the things he does to try to make me happy (and for keeping me posted on politics, because I get wrapped up researching parenting stuff and sometimes forget that there's a whole world out there).

Jenni is so so so grateful that my husband is into politics instead of sports; that I am never a football/basketball/baseball widow; and that he doesn't know (or care) about the scores or ratings.

Jenni's kiddo seems to have an ear infection. :( Poor guy. At least we've never had one of these before (and at least it's the kiddo who is old enough to tell me "mommy my ear hurts" in the midst of his crying)

Jenni's little birthday boy has fallen off things (big head-banging/bawling falls) three times this seems that no matter what I do, the boy WILL find something to climb...and then fall off of. Perhaps I should
lace the birthday cake with arnica?! ;)

Jenni is grateful for my telephone...but also wants to let you know that I unabashedly screen calls. I will not be a slave to this technology, I will get to it if I get to it...but if I'm busy (or I don't recognize the caller ID) I let the machine get it. If you leave a message, I promise I do call back.

Criticism is always more about the critic than the recipient.

Jenni had a full freezer. Then my Hubby found pork shoulders on sale (BOGO) and brought home 42lbs of pork. Then we picked up our half a cow (another 300+lbs of meat). So I rearranged the freezer...and I got most of it in there too.
[I got almost 3 boxes worth into the freezer...there were 4 boxes of meat and 1 of scraps. Thankfully some friends let us borrow some freezer space...and very soon I'll be melting down those scraps to render the tallow and make candles! I did a little experimental batch and am excited to do the rest. I feel so domestic and sustainable and stuff!]

Jenni is helping my 10yo son plan a Percy Jackson/Greek Mythology based party. We thought parties would be a fun way to do a book club for kids. And also, we are dang good at themed parties. (He told me he feels sorry for "those kids who just get regular parties")

Put this as your status if someone you knew was killed by Lord Voldemort. As everyone knows, being killed by an Unforgivable Curse, having your soul sucked out by a dementor, or getting petrified by a basilisk is a truly tragic fate for anyone, muggle or wizard. 93% of people won't copy and paste this. Will you make this your status to spread awareness of this growing threat?

Shared link: BYU Carillion (bell tower) gets into the Harry Potter spirit

Jenni is playing doctor mom again...[Bear had spots all over] my money is on an allergic reaction to the amoxicillin. He's never had an antibiotic before, and thankfully it's a mild reaction...but I should have guessed (since I'm allergic to penicillin myself)
(The doctor concurred with my diagnosis).

Jenni just might have the best bff in the world. (You know who you are SisuGirl)

Jenni thinks peppermint tea might be the perfect food.

11/25 Thanksgiving math: if the pie crust recipe makes 1 1/2 crusts (because I have deepdish pie pans), and I need a total of 5 pie crusts, then how many recipes do I need? (Note, 3 of the crusts will be bottom crusts, but 2 will be top crusts, which are normal sized...)

Jenni has a christmas tree up, an advent wreath out, a fabric countdown chain up, and now I just need to sew presents. ☺

Jenni always breathes a little easier on the morning of Nov 29th, because it means the baby made it through the night of the 28th (which was the night my sister died 21 years ago). Rest in Peace Amethyst. I miss you. ♥

Jenni is sewing away on a nativity advent calendar. It's so cute.

Happy Saint Andrew's Day (national day of scotland). We're makin stovies, rumblethumps, shepherds pie, and shortbread. Are you scottish too?!

‎"Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought." (JFK)

Shared link 12 Exercises for Mindful Parenting (fantastic article)

Jenni has a sudden and very urgent need to learn how to make a boston cream pie. Anybody got a tried-and-true recipe for me? Or will I need to find my own? (nobody had a recipe, so I'm going to try this one)

Jenni is grinding wheat and baking bread while the snow blusters outside.

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