Wednesday, December 1, 2010

By way of explanation...

...yes, I've been watching Firefly. Yes, I appreciate that their spaceship is named "Serenity," but no, the new title here is not intended as an allusion to the ship nor the show.
It is intended as a very realistic application of the word as per my recent increase of zenness. 

But, since it's a good song, here ya go


Mama Ayla said...

It's OK to admit that you're a stone cold geek who has let Whedoness penetrate the very fiber of your being. You're not alone.

Just kidding!

Love the new name :)

Mae said...

Good composition with your banner photo! I see beautiful things around me all the time and can NEVER capture them on camera.

And I too am in love with the Firefly opening music. Wish there were more of it! I also like the idea that outer rim planets would be more rugged, just like out rim societies in our world are more rugged. In this case, I felt the juxtaposition worked.

Mallory said...

My thought process when I got on blogger today: "When did I start following THIS blog? Jenni Bee? Well, that's...but her blog isn't titled that...*click*...OH. Blog name change." I was so confused! :D

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