Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Name

I changed the name of this blog.
It seemed appropriate.

I debated over calling it "Chaotic Serenity" or something like that, but truthfully, even when things get nuts, serenity is a state of mind, not a serenity can be always (and in spite of chaos). So I kept things simple.
I thought about calling it "Simple Serenity" or something like that too...but again with the keeping things simple. ☺

Oh yes, and the new photo at the top--taken from my porch. Seriously, I live in paradise. ♥


mr.brighton said...

And the new name has nothing to do with what you've been watching the last few days either right? ;)

Tim said...

You realize that everyone will think this is a site devoted to the greatest TV show of all time, right?

ashley said...

I like the new name- yay for change! And... the picture is beautiful! I love Alaskan scenery.

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