Monday, February 23, 2009

In Which I Reveal My Age

Thank you all for participating in my little poll. ☺ The results were as follows:

42 people cast their votes concerning my age.
  • 1 said I am 23-25
  • 14 said I am 25-28
  • 18 said I am 28-30
  • 5 said I am 30-32
  • 3 said I am 32-34
  • 1 said I am 35+

And the truth is...


I am 27 23.

I was born in 1981, so according to the average calendar, I will turn 28 a few months from now--so the majority of you either knew this or guessed pretty darn close.
I had wondered whether my having an 8 year old would push people to guess older...Wolf was born just before I turned 19. On the other hand I also figured that many of you remembered that he's Hubby's biological son and that I adopted him after we married.

I am fairly sure that the person who voted for me being 23 was my husband, who has maintained that I was 19 since he met me (for the record, I thought I was 21 when we met, but apparently I was confused). This last year I finally put my foot down and insisted that I did not really want to be more than five years younger than my calendar age, and I definitely was NOT willing to be more than ten years younger than my spouse; so he'd better let me get a little older. He's obligingly agreed to let me age to 23 now.
How considerate of him.
(According to the average calendar, we are precisely 4 1/2 years apart...but don't tell him that, he likes his little fantasy world!)

My entire life people have guessed that I was older than I am; I suspect this has to do with my being an oldest child and "an adult since age three" in the words of my father. I was not the least bit surprised nor am I at all bothered that the majority of people guessed that I was slightly older than my actual age...

With that said, whoever guessed that I was 35+ should probably prepare to meet my Hubby in the backyard at high noon. I think there might be a throwdown.


Mallory said...

I think I guessed in the right category!!! Yay!

Becky said...

Until I found out your true age (true being relative with your husband...) I assumed you were older because you're so darn wise! I'm one of those people who still feels like a little kid around "real" adults. So, yeah. You have a lot of wisdom to share.

Becky N. said...

I was close! I guessed 28-30. I think I didn't want to believe it could be possible that you would actually be younger than me. Even if it is only by a year!

I think that whoever guessed 35+ probably meant it as a compliment. You certainly express yourself well enough, and seem firm enough in your various convictions, that one might think you were a woman closer to middle age. If they had never paid close attention to your pictures. :)

Mommy Bee said...

I'm not the least bit bothered that someone might think I was 35--I was just saying that I think my hubby would object. ;)

And yes, I'm a young whippersnapper. Maybe I should dye my hair grey. ;)

annie2006 said...

you are the same age as me! i was born in 1981 too, and as the eldest child everyone always thinks im older than i am. its because we are full of useful wisdom lol

sara said...

I was talking to someone the other day. I had never met her before. I called to one of my kids and she mentioned she had assumed I only had the little one. I told her I was working on #5 and she asked their ages. Her eyes got REALLY big when I told her I had a 10 year old. She told me she thought I was only 20 or 21. She is my new best friend ;)

Emily said...

sara - I get the same reaction. I am 33 with a 15 1/2 year old, and people are constantly shocked that I have a teen. No one thinks I'm old enough to have a teen, and my teen tells me I'm the youngest mom of the kids in her grade. I can live with that. :)

Cozy said...

From one long haired lady to another I will let you know that I admit my age (53)because I am proud to have made it this far!

Tulip's Talking said...

Wow, and all along I just thought that you were a wit, aahem...a hoot!

Really though, I think you are intellegent (which you must be to be sarcastic - muwahahahahaha), well spoken, interesting, and my face does something weird when I read your blog posts!!!

BTW, who is it that thinks 35 middle age?

Ms. Bee, hope your hubs is ready to share space in your backyard ...

Look for me in the wheel chair, with the oxygen tank, saggy stocking and boobs, toothless...then this real 49 year old will leap from the tree when you least expect it, and we'll have a go around.

Wait, I take it back!!! I get out of breath playing in the living room with the dog...awww, shucks.

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