Friday, February 27, 2009

Frugal Friday Linky Love

This week I'm linking out to some other blogs (I found them in the "Frugal Living" section of mormon mommy blogs...some of the blogs there are focused on coupon clipping and you know, i don't buy half the stuff that they're clipping coupons for...but these few blogs had some stuff that I felt was more applicable to a hippie like me. ☺)

The ladies at Food Storage Made Easy have post about how to make your own self-rotating can shelves out of an old box. It's pretty spiffy.

Adventures in Self Reliance explains how to make very cool (very effective) firestarters with an old egg carton, some dryer lint, and a little melted wax. They're practically free, and very effective.

Frugalityville shares a list of cooking substitutes--no half & half or self rising flour? fear not, there are alternatives!

Preparedness Matters has a great post full of practical suggestions about practicing thrift and frugality in your every day life.


Future Mama said...

Hey! Did you see you are up for Spotlight of the month on MMB?! I voted for you!

sara said...

Instead of egg cartons we use tuna cans. Then if you just need a small light you can leave it in the tuna can. Also good if you're just cooking something on a small scale.

I've never had much luck with coupon clipping either. I love good deals but I never buy most of those things either. I end up spending more money because I think - hey! frozen waffles for .50!!! And I buy a bunch of random stuff like that (granola bars, fruit snacks, packaged stuff). It's junk, technically, so my kids eat it all in 2 days and then I wasted all that money on unhealthy stuff that didn't last long enough.

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