Tuesday, September 23, 2008

WFMW--Wool Longies at Night

My little Bear is a heavy night wetter. Some kids just are. I tried disposable diapers, cloth diapers, doublers...I was putting huge fat diapers on him at night (diapers that I would have thought could hold anything) and yet the bed was still wet in the morning. I really hate changing sheets, so this was especially a drag for me.
And then I learned about wool. You can read a more detailed post about the properties of wool here, but the short version is that it doesn't leak. It absorbs whatever leaks into it, so it keeps the kiddo dry, but at the same time it keeps the wetness from leaking out into the bed! (Seriously, somebody should patent this stuff...oh wait, it grows on sheep...how did I not know about this?!) So I bought some cute wool longies (ie, wool pants) for Bear and he wears them to bed at night. I actually have several pairs now because I love them so much that he often wears them during the day as well. Wool has the added benefit of being very breathable, so it's comfortable. For those who live in warmer climates, there are also wool shorties.
For those who struggle with bedwetting, a little pair of wool shorts (over some absorbent underpants) is a discreet and effective way to keep the bed dry at any age.
If you're interested in trying out wool for yourself, I recommend checking out these guys. They're awesome.

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Carolyn said...

Could you please let me in on the proper way to lanolize wool? I have several wool covers, which I love, but I don't think I'm lanolizing them properly. I've used both Eucalan and pure lanolin, and they seem to not look as good or work as well as when they were brand new.

KLJ said...

I wanted to respond to your survey, but I don't feel like I fit in any of those categories. With my first child, I had an epidural because I was put on Pitocin after many hours of labor. The epidural didn't work real well, but that was because I had back labor, not because it wasn't inserted correctly, or anything.

Brightonwoman said...

I actually don't know much about lanolizing Carolyn--I buy my longies already lanolized and then use a wool-wash bar which has lanolin in it, plus I occasionally mist them with a spray lanolin after washing...they seem to be holding up fine but I've only been doing this about 6m too.
I'd recommend contacting Joy at bundlesofjoy.etsy.com (she's also on nLDS) she has made most of my longies, and she really knows her stuff. :)

nicole said...

Wow, thanks for the suggestion. Two of our kids wet the bed heavily, and we've tried just about everything. I've found it also helps to not give them much to drink for about an hour before they go to bed. Thanks again!

Tari said...

how cool!

my 5 year old wets the bed only occasionally, and we finally found out the secret to that - he only does it when he's cold. he stopped sleeping in PJs when his older brother gave them up, and suddenly he was wetting the bed. we put him back in PJs and it stopped. so strange, but very glad we found the answer.

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