Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stuff I love about your blog

As promised, this week we've got the positive side of blogging!

Make me laugh. You don't have to do it all the time, but those blogs that give me the giggles are going to have me as a regular reader. Jenni of JustChickenFeed and Lamina both put me in stitches on a regular basis.

Make me think. Take on deep topics now and then, and don't be afraid to really say what you think and feel. Get the wheels in my head turning. Alisa rocks in this department. So does her husband Bryan. My cousin Tim does it, and TheTrueFaceofBirth, and Descent into Motherhood. My Hubby does it regularly too, although he doesn't always blog it...*winkwink**nudgenudge* honey! (He's actually been blogging a lot more lately though)

Make me feel. Shared emotions are powerful, and when I read stories I can relate to (about miscarriage, or kitchen disasters, or frazzled mothering), I feel a connection to the writer...and I come back. This is why I read Picklebums, MagicallyMama, SmithFamilyTimes, RasJane, and SamuraiMom.

Make me inspired. These are the crafty blogs usually, although not always. KnittingFisher shows off knitting that makes me envious (I have to convince her to make me something, though I don't know what yet!). Lamina's crafty blog is both inspiring and funny. Jenni at OneThing has 12 kids. Go her!
ThrowsLikeAGirl inspires me with almost every post (yes, even as she makes me laugh) as she talks candidly about her battle with breast cancer.

Make me change, or, at least, teach me something I didn't know before. Bloggers introduced me to reusable menstrual products. Bloggers taught me how to make my etsy stores more successful. Bloggers have given me insight into political candidates and issues. Alisa here, and Tim, and the WordDork. ThrowsLikeAGirl has been teaching me lots of things I never knew about cancer--you can blame her for the fact that I now post feel-yourself-up-fridays.

Make my ego. Seriously, link to me, or my shops, or say nice stuff about me, or my shops, or buy something from me...and you've got a regular reader for a good long while. (These people know it!)


nicole said...

I like this positive post better than the other one. ;) I checked out a few of the links, and I'm definitely impressed. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Aw. Now I'm blushing. Grins. Thanks for saying such nice things. :)

alisaterry said...

Thank you for the ego boost. You both love and hate my blog (sorry - I prefer to keep the word verification!) but that's better than just hating it!

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