Saturday, January 12, 2008


Zerbert: noun (though sometimes used as a verb as in "No Dad, don't zerbert me anymore!"). Where one person blows on the loose skin of another, causing an amusing noise. aka "raspberries"

This morning I wasn't really quite ready to wake up yet, but S was definitely awake, and wanting to play. He often likes to nurse a bit at this stage, so I rolled over, pulled out a breast for him, and attempted to get a few more minutes of sleep... He leaned in, but didn't latch on... instead I felt his warm breath and heard a half chuckle from him (yes, he chuckles). I was busily trying to sleep when I felt him make contact and THBBBBBB he gave me a world class zerbert. Then he collapsed in gales of laughter.
Then he did it again.
And again.
I gave up and got up.
I guess it was fair payback for all the zerberts I've put on his tummy.


RasJane said...

That is hilarious! An d I've never heard the word "zerbert" before, but it just might enter my vocab.
Thanks for giving me a good reason to see Waterhorse too-I've wanted to but wanted to read a mom's review 1st.

Anonymous said...

so funny!!!!!!!! I thought my dad was the only one who did zerberts!

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