Saturday, January 12, 2008

Recent Movies

So, I'm watching movies are a few more quick reviews

The Water Horse
PG for some intense/scary scenes.
Drop everything and go. It's excellent! If you never believed in Nessy before, well, shame on you, but this film should help you believe! Also the little boy who stars is just so cute. :-) We figure to buy this one when it comes out.

National Treasure: Book of Secrets
PG for action violence, scary scenes, and maybe some language, I don't recall...
Um, just go see the first one again. This one isn't nearly as good. Borrow it from somebody, or at most rent it...but it's not worth spending much money on.

The Golden Compass
PG-13 for scary parts and an ice bear fight
Ice Bears rock. The rest of the movie was interesting enough to keep me awake...but mostly just ice bears are so cool. :-) I also enjoyed Nicole Kidman's costumes. The story is ok, and the movie is visually pleasing...but I could take it or leave it...all except the ice bears. I love them.

Man of the Year
PG-13 for language, sex-related humor, drug related material
Robin Williams runs for president... Funny (of course), and a nice political commentary on our system... Unfortunately there were a number of sexual jokes (Robin Williams) but, even still, very funny... I don't feel the need to watch it over and over, but I definitely enjoyed it.

Ocean's Thirteen
PG-13 for language and a chick with a really low-cut dress
Better than Twelve was...still not as good as Eleven... Glad I saw it, but next time I feel like watching this type of movie, I'll rent "The Sting" or maybe Eleven again...

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