Friday, January 18, 2008

Love in Color

I recently read a book to Wolf called “I love you the purplest.” It’s about a mother and her two sons, and as she tucks them into bed, each asks her who she loves best. She tells one son that she loves him the reddest, and the other that she loves him the bluest (thus the ‘purplest’ of the title). She elaborates to each son about why she chose the color that she did… Wolf really liked the story, and asked me to read it to him several times. Then he asked me what color I loved him…
I went with my gut, and said the color that came to me first. Then I told him why I loved him that color...and I wanted to share.

Wolf, I love you the greenest:
Green as the wild jungle
and the eyes of the panther as he slowly stalks his prey.
Green like the powerful sea and the gentle tidepools.
Green as the comfort of sweet smelling grass in the lawn. Green with life like new moss on a fallen log, or a fiddlehead
beginning to open into a fern.
Refreshing like green mint leaves in lemonade on a warm summer afternoon. Green as the last exultant moment of a sunset, right before the stars come out.

As Bear gets older, and his personality develops more, I will be able to tell him what color I love him. :-)

I really enjoyed doing this. Thinking about my child in terms of what color personifies him and why...I wouldn’t be so pushy as to suggest making a meme of this, but for all my fellow parents out there—give it a try! And if you enjoy yourselves as much as I did, maybe you’ll share, eh?


Mae said...

I love it! I usually tell each of my nieces and nephews they're my favorite "insert age" -year old. Except I have two favorite six year olds! This will work perfectly.

I also love the synesthesia part. Remember when I described that tenor singing The Messiah as tasting like liquid milk chocolate?

Kimberlee said...

That really is beautiful. What a great idea.

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