Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why I Like Facebook


I went to my friend L's facebook page  after commenting on her link, because I have not caught up with her in a while. I scrolled down through a few of her recent status updates, and saw that on last friday she had posted about eating pumpkin pie fudge.

Wha? Pumpkin Pie Fudge?!

Status update, 8:26am
Thanks a lot L, now I want pumpkin pie fudge. That just sounds like a great idea.

Several comments ensued, including one around 1pm from J, agreeing that that did sound good.

J posts a link to a pumpkin pie fudge recipe.

I see the link, and repost it on my page, for the benefit of all my friends who saw my morning post.
3:33pm, friend H comments that she made that recipe last week, and it was "awesome."

6:30ish pm
After dinner, I have Hubby read off the recipe to me as I make it (for the record, if you want to make it, I recommend reducing the butter to 6Tbs instead of 8Tbs...I'm a good fudge-beater and still ended up with a slight oily sheen on top, so it definitely didn't need quite all the butter. Also, the recipe calls for a little corn syrup...which you can substitute with maple syrup if you don't have or don't like corn syrup.)

I'm eating awesome pumpkin pie fudge. And I never would have even thought of such a thing if it weren't for facebook. (Granted, I also would not have burned my finger really badly and have a pea-sized blister if I had not been making fudge and spilled a little on the counter and tried to swipe it up with my finger...oops, hot fudge is REALLY hot... but then again, I'm pretty burn-prone. I'm sure I would have found something else to burn myself on. And the fudge is really nummy!!!)


Mallory said...

Did you have the corn syrup on hand that the recipe calls for? And did you use it? I don't have corn syrup in my house, and I'm wondering if it is even necessary.

Mommy Bee said...

I did have corn syrup (Hubby's favorite pie is pecan pie, so I always have some CS around this time of year). I did use it...I bet it would work without it though. There's not much in there.

gpc said...

I've never even imagined the existence of pumpkin pie fudge! How fun.

Mallory said...

Well, it already has 3 cups of sugar in it, so why would it need corn syrup, too? I'll try to make it without and let you know how it goes! :D

Mallory said...

Just finished making a batch of pumpkin fudge. It is still a little too early to tell, but I think it is going to be perfectly fine without the corn syrup. It took a lot longer to get to soft ball stage than fudge usually takes when I make it. (I don't have a candy thermometer, so I have to go by a drop in cold water.) But, scraping and eating the leftovers off the pot tasted really yummy! Yay!

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