Monday, April 5, 2010

Have you done this?

Our church women's group played a game at our birthday party last week: each woman stood up and said something she had done that she figured not any (or many) other of the women had done. Everyone who had done it stood up and each of them got a bean. At the end of the game, the person with the most beans (the one who had done the most things) got a prize.

I thought about what I had done that few or no other people in the group would have done. I considered the group, and then when it was my turn I said:

"I gave birth to a baby at home, on purpose"

Amid whispers of "ohmygosh I can't imagine..." two other women stood up, and you know, I immediately felt this connection to them! Something that makes us unique among all the sisters in the group.
Of course, here among my blog readers there would be lots of beans passed around for something like homebirthing. In this group, I'd have to go with something else, like:
"I danced salsa on the banks of the Seine (in Paris) at dusk"

or I could say

"I got pulled into a traditional folk dance in a restaurant in Athens" --->


"I blew an alpenhorn [yes a full-size one] so that it echoed off the mountainside above Lake Lucerne in Switzerland"


"I lived for two years in a town with fewer than 100 people and no roads"

or maybe

"I was part of an impromptu 'street choir' singing multi-part harmony Christmas Carols in a cafe, and someone liked us enough to buy us all hot cocoa"

or even

"I was part of a performing formation ballroom dance team when I was in high school"

Have you done any of my things?
What have you done that you figure nobody else has done?

ok fine, you can see the Paris pictures too ☺
(they are photos of my photo album, thus the funny shapes...)

Yes, I was dancing with my daddy. ☺


ChristinaB said...

Fantastic post! Having people around us that share our thoughts,ideals, and philosophies is really uplifting!
I have moved seven time in 8 years =0)(Army life!)


Kate said...

What a fun game! I really enjoyed reading this.

I had heart ablation surgery (out patient) at age 19.
I lived 360 miles away from my husband our first year of marriage because I was determined to finish my last year of undergrad. (He's military and was stationed in the middle of nowhere.)

Nicawest said...

That's awesome that you have done so many unique things. I think I'd be standing alone in my ward with having a baby at home. I can think of one other woman who has, but doing it "on purpose" would exclude her.
Ooh! I know what I've done that you haven' medical assistance was present at my 3 homebirths. (Unless you count my fireman husband who is EMT certified. I don't. I've given him more experience in the birthing area than his training has! ;D)

Jess said...

Love this game!! It is so fun to lern ll the different things the ladies have done....

When I played... I was the only one who had ever changed the oil on a Harley.... lol..

I def have more things to add to this list tho....

Jessica said...

I was on that dance team with you!
I danced the waltz on a pier in Seattle on a cool autumn night to the music in my lover's head. (Not too exotic, but still unusual.)
My third baby was born under water (I know a lot of people on this blog have done this, but most people around where I live think I'm nuts.)

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