Saturday, April 17, 2010

Count Your Blessings

I have had a long and trying last month or so. There have been emotional, financial, scholastic, social, and health issues in our family; none of them small, but most of them of such a nature that privacy is warranted and thus I've had them pent up inside and they have been eating away at me. This last weekend my husband was gone for two days (and two nights) for a conference he had to go to, and as I was doing the single parent thing yet again I had a bit of a breakdown. I ran out of coping skills. I got tired of being strong all the time.
Thankfully some sweet friends buoyed me with encouraging words and even brought me dinner and ice cream. I am grateful to them for supporting me when I needed it, and realize that in spite of all the struggles we face right now I need to be better about taking the time to count my blessings.
I am grateful for a husband who works hard to provide for our family, who supports my staying home with our kids, and who supports me in my other ambitions as well (like the book I'm writing).
I am grateful for a mother who is always there to talk to, and who has unlimited long distance calling (which I don't) and frequently answers the phone with "shall I call you right back so we can talk for a while?"
I am grateful for my physical health, and the health of my spouse and kids.
I am grateful to have a functional computer again.
I am grateful for the fellowship and support I have with friends online.
I am grateful for the 'big picture' worldview that the gospel of Christ brings me.
I am grateful for the peace brought by prayer.
I am grateful for my sight.
I am grateful for my mobility.
I am grateful to live in a beautiful place.
I am grateful for the friends and neighbors I have here.
I am grateful that the weather is warming (a little) and that I'm able to turn down the heaters and reduce the bills.
I am grateful to not be in Pelican!


erinrose said...

Dear Jenni, Sister Stout here. I have been following your blog for some time. I appreciate your words and enjoy hearing about your joy in parenting and homemaking, even through the struggles. I honor you for making a list of goals and for keeping track of what you have accomplished. Good work. I can promise you that all that you are striving for is truly worthwhile. I know you already know that, but perhaps hearing it from a little (ok, well, not so little)old woman who has been there, helps. You and your family are beautiful. You are real. I only wish I could come sit with the young ones, and send you and your sweetie out to dinner.
Love Erin Rose Stout

megandjon said...

it must be the season for exercises in gratitude because i just did a post like this too. sometimes life hits us and the most healing thing we can do is to set aside the bad stuff for a little bit and focus on just how incredibly blessed we are. things always seem much more manageable after that! i hope things continue to get better, and what a cute mom you have! she sounds like mine, lol.

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