Thursday, November 19, 2009

Quirky Thursday--I'm Weirder Than You

You know how there are some things that everyone likes, or that everyone dislikes? We have these seemingly universal human preferences, and then someone like me comes along and ruins everything.
I don’t like peanut butter cookies.
I don’t like ginger snaps.
I don’t like Jane Austin books.
I hate shopping for clothing.

…on the other hand…
I don’t mind grocery shopping.
I don’t mind doing laundry (and I don’t let it stack up).
I don’t mind scrubbing the kitchen floor--it gives me a wonderful sense of accomplishment.
I prefer kneading bread by hand
I don’t mind bathing the dog.
I got rid of my kitchenaide because I prefer mixing most things by hand.

So, how about it, where do you break the rules of normalcy?


Elizabeth said...

I like mixing by hand, too. My mother hates the combo of peanut butter and chocolate (how does anyone not like reese's?) and when I used to wear a watch (I use my phone these days) I wore it on my right wrist even though I am right made sense to me! If I'm gonna move my arm, it's gonna be my right one, no? There's so many other things, I can't think of them right now.

Mallory said...

I don't like apples. (Funny, I just did a post about apples the other day!) I am pretty much an nonconformist in most circumstances, I would say. I'm still nursing my 18 1/2 month old (I know that isn't weird to you, but a lot of people think I'm nuts!) I hate singing in the shower.

Hmm...these are harder to think of than I thought they would be!

T said...

I don't like bananas or strawberries.

I think potatoes taste like dirt.

Maybe I'll think of more later?


RasJane said...

I also prefer to knead by hand. Egg whites--definitely a job for the mixer. :)
I'm not too big on candy.
I'd rather change a cloth diaper than a disposable.
I HATE EGG NOG. My dh is pretty sure this calls into question my human-ness.
Never read a Twilight book and have no desire to.

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