Monday, November 2, 2009


Neither I nor any of my siblings have any dimples.
Hubby has one dimple.
Wolf has two (or three, if you get a really really big grin from him).
Bear has three dimples--which he obligingly shared with us within minutes of his birth.

Any bets on the baby?

I'm hoping for the dimples. They're just too cute.

I'm also harboring a tiny hope for red hair, although I know it's not terribly likely...but my mother has red hair, as does one of her sisters, and one of my brothers, and I have (natural) red accents, and they tell me that if grandpa grew his beard that was there's a tiny chance and I can hope, right?!
OK, fine, so I can't realistically hope for red hair. But maybe I can hope that he's got a big mop of hair (like Wolf) rather than being more or less bald for a year (like Bear)? C'mon, Hubby has really thick hair, so that should balance out how thin mine is, right?!

I have a sneaking suspicion that he has big feet. Both the other boys do (I noticed Bear's within the first day), and based on the size of the lumps that protrude from my belly when this kiddo kicks, well, yeah, I think he has big feet. That's ok for a boy though, I'll just hope that someday I'll have a girl with nice little feet like mine. ☺


Christa said...

I loved this post! Not for any particular thing you said, but because it made me wonder about my little one and what she will look like. I watched videos of the twins when they were just little bits and I can only hope that Corinne will be as darling as they were! I'm sure she'll have tiny feet, my husbands feet are average sized for a man, and I wear a 7 sometimes an 8, but my feet look much smaller than that. The twins feet are tiny tiny, they only wear 4's and 5's and they're 2 1/2!
I can't believe you only have a few days left! I'm excited for you and your family!

Stacy said...

Oh, I'm so excited for you! This is the wonderful, yet maddening stage where you're so excited to meet your baby and so done being pregnant! I can't wait to hear all about it.

Mae said...

Red hair has to come from both parents so check around on Dave's side of the family.

I'm not sure of the dominancy of dimples (which is surprising, as I both have too many dimples and am taking genetics this quarter...) but you've seen my dad's face full o' dimples and only one of his three children got them. Anny has one, as does her daughter. Her son, however, is a walking incarnation of my be-dimpled dad.

Thought I'd share that annecdote to keep you interested during the waiting period.

sara said...

YAY! I hoped for red hair too. I actually just imagined I would have brown babies with dark hair since my husband is rather dark. Our first was but they have just gotten lighter! I want to know how my Filipino husband had a blond baby :) When I reached inside to feel my baby's head after my water broke I could feel his hair. Both of our other boys were bald so it really excited me and I made my husband feel too LOL. I was so happy and proud of that hair! LOVE IT! And we finally got another brown child! Excited to see your baby!!!

Brandi (Maxfield) Morstad said...

aw what a fun time! How exciting! I'm sure that whether he has dimples and red hair or not, he will be a handsome babe. I was thinking that it might be more of a possibility for my kids to have reddish hair since my husband has light hair, but according to the comment above, he has to have red hair in his genes...I'll have to check in on that. Anyways, I hope the best for you and the babe!

Nicawest said...

My grandfather had red hair. All 4 of his boys have red facial hair only. Even my dad who is blonde! My hair at times and in certain lighting has looked red. (now I henna) I, too, have often wondered (hoped) if I would end up with a red-headed child. For some reason this scares my husband! He thinks red hair is fine for a girl, but he doesn't want a boy with red hair. Ha. I mess with him sometimes and remind him about the red in my family. I've never heard about it having to be on both sides. That's interesting. Don't know if his side has any. When our son was an infant he appeared to have red hair for a while. DH was relieved when it changed. :D
Can't wait to see pics of your little one!

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