Saturday, November 21, 2009

Facebook Fri-er-Saturday

(hey, I have a new baby in the house, and when Hubby is home there's a sort of loss of sense of which day of the week it is...)

Saturday 11/14
Jenni always forgets just how tiny newborns are...even newborns who are a lot bigger than their brothers were!

Monday 11/16 knows the official score: dimpled children--2, undimpled children--1. Welcome to mama's team [Eagle]!!

Tuesday 11/17 writing out the birth story
I'm still writing...the story part is short and simple, but my thoughts and feelings about it are not so will probably have to be two posts.

Wednesday 11/18
Jenni's toddler is asking for airplane cookies (as he flies the cookie cutter around the house). I DID offer to make cookies together since he didn't get to go to scouts with daddy and big brother, but in spite of my attempts to explain it he doesn't seem to understand that the airplane cookie dough has to be chilled for several hours and thus won't work for tonight.

Friday 11/20 longer has to feel guilty: baby is in cloth now ☺
I was feeling a little guilty for putting him in disposable diapers for the first week or so (just as long as one package lasted)--not for environmental reasons, but for the comfort of it (because I had cloth for me during that time). ☺

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