Friday, June 12, 2009

On Homeschooling (from a Homeschooler)

Today I am guest posting over at SortaCrunchy (remember how I mentioned that they had asked me to write about my experiences as a homeschooled student?). Thank you for submitting your questions--they were very helpful in giving me a direction to go with my post. Here is the very beginning of my post, but of course you'll have to go over there to read the rest!!

When people hear that I was homeschooled, one of the first things that always comes up is socialization: did I feel left out? did I have friends? was I shy? how was it when I entered 'the real world'?
I always have to begin my response by asking this: how many of your friends have birthdays within 1 year of yours? Do you really think that the school form of 'socialization' is representative of real life? Because I have friends of many ages--I always have--and I think that my homeschooled experience gave me more 'real life' socialization than any public school... [click here to see the rest of the post]

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Brooks said...

Thanks for you comment on Facebook. My husband is really worried about me not being in a hospital with this next baby and he's pretty adamant when it comes to my safety. I'll have to see about a birthing center. I think there's one an hour away, but that's too far for me. I'm going to have my husband go on Monday to get me some RRL capsules (not a tea gal myself). Thanks for the input, it's nice to have the advantage of other people's experiences. (I can see how Monica gets lost in your blog!)

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