Saturday, June 27, 2009

Because God Cares

Every once in a while one gets a slap-in-the-face reminder of the fact that yes, God is paying attention, and yes, He does care.
We may be without a job (although a few more interviews have felt promising), and unable to sell our house (although we did find some new renters who will move in August 1--giving us enough time to do a little work on the place)...but yes, God is paying attention.

Some time ago, when we learned that we'd be coming to Utah for the summer, Hubby had approached Wolf about taking a special father-son camping trip for a few days. Wolf asked could they please go to Grand Canyon. We spent the last week camping near Bryce Canyon at a reunion with my dad's side of the family, and as plans came together we realized that the smart thing to do would be for Wolf and daddy to depart for their trip directly from the reunion, and for me and Bear to catch a ride back north with my folks (who agreed to drop us off at my in-laws home where we're staying this summer).
So far so good.
Friday morning Wolf and Hubby loaded up and headed out. My in-laws had lent us their tent trailer for the trip (taking pity on the pregnant woman I guess!) and my parents hitched it to their van to haul back up and drop off along with Bear and me. We drove for over 4 hours with a packed-full extended-length van, pulling a tent trailer, with 2 dogs and 8 people (including the pregnant lady and toddler) through the center of Utah. We were not on the interstate because we knew we'd have to drive slow anyway and figured the old state road was fewer miles. We passed cars occasionally (or, I should say, they passed us!) but there were very few people out there. The trip was completely uneventful. As we backed the trailer into my in-laws driveway some red fluid started gushing out from under the van, and it died and refused to restart. We enlisted some help and pulled the trailer into place by hand, and had to call a tow truck for the van. It will probably not be ready until Tuesday (Monday if they are lucky). My parents and siblings had planned to drive on up to grandma's house in Idaho today, but instead they are stuck here through the weekend...
...but what a blessing to be stuck here, in a large home with hospitable people (not in an expensive and/or grungy motel, and/or the middle of nowhere). There is room for everyone to sleep here (yeah, we did put a couple of them in the tent trailer, but there are spare beds too). There are showers and a kitchen and generous hosts who simply smiled and said "you're family, and this is what family is for."


Mae said...

Yep! God looks out for us WAY more than we think!

I'm sure you read my recent "Miracle of the Lost Cable" and an older one "Miracle of the Mouse". Thanks for sharing! It gave me the smiles to be reminded of how watchful the Lord is.

Katrina said...

We've had things like that happen before too! They definitely make you count your blessings. It's so nice to get those reminders that yes, God is watching over you, even in the little things.

Glad to hear there's been progress with the job search and the house issue too.

kimberlee said...

We had a not quite so dramatic, but similar experience last week. And it just helps you see your blessings. I am glad you were all safe at your inlaws.

Janeen said...

Reminds me of all of the trials that my husband's friend and his family went through going to the Feast last year, they had all kinds of issues with their van and I do believe they were driving in that area too. They had QUITE a trip too, from Wisconsin all the way to Arizona with a van and a trailer in the back with all of their stuff. They have seven kids at home too that they had with them. It was quite an adventure from the sound of things.

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