Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Six (Holiday) Things...

I was tagged by Inspired Mama to do this six things meme.

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
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3. Write six random things about yourself.
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I've actually done almost the same thing (here) just a couple of months ago, and if you've been reading long at all you'll also know that I'm not shy about talking about myself. ☺ SO, I thought I'd take the angle of talking about specifically holidayish stuff...

1--I hate gingerbread men. Really, they are so gross. They smell awful too.

2--Chasing lights give me a headache if they are the the really fast blinky ones (they're ok outside, but I can't have them in the house, say, on the tree!) Out lights are here now and they are the kind where you push a button to change from solid to slow chasing to fast chasing to about 6 other things, and Bear discovered the button, so every time I walk through the room the lights are doing something new on half the tree (there are two strings with separate buttons). It's making me crazy!

3--I resented eggnog for years, because my dad would always make it (from scratch) on Christmas morning, and we all had to wait for him to finish it before we could go out and open presents. (We got our stockings before breakfast, but then had to eat before presents.) The wait might not have mattered if I was one of the ones drinking the eggnog...but dad's eggnog was thin and gross. I had no idea that eggnog could be good until I had some out of a carton when I was in college!

4--I prefer my eggnog (from a carton) with root beer in it. This is what my parents did, and I've tried it with sprite or other less flavorful sodas, and I don't care for it. Give me root beer or I'll pass on the eggnog! (Hubby thinks I'm very very strange.)

5--I adore Jack in the Box's eggnog milkshake that they have at Christmastime. It's the only time they have it, and I have lived outside JitB territory for the last 6 years, and I sure miss those milkshakes. (And yes, I still love their food even though I worked there for a summer in college and ate their food all the time!)

6--One of my family's (as in, my parents and siblings) traditions was that on Christmas afternoon we would watch all the movies we got as gifts. That worked ok the year we got the (original) Star Wars trilogy, but not so well the year we got the 5-pack of The Pink Panther movies...those are just a little too asinine to watch back to back to back!! To this day I can't remember which of the movies is which.

I tag some people I'd like to know a little more about:
Top Hat
Becky at "On Top of the World (or at least really far north)"
Becky N. at TNN
ThrowsLikeAGirl (I'm not sure if I've ever learned her real name!)
Mae of "WordDork" (we were roommates, but honestly I'm just really curious what she'll put!)

By the way, on an entirely unrelated note, I made a very cool Northern Lights treasury over on my crafty blog...if you've got a minute, check it out!


Becky N. said...

Thanks for the tag! Might help get my creative blog juices running, huh? :) I like your Christmas spin, I'll probably do the same thing for mine.

I miss Jack in the Box. Not only for fun holiday treats, but I just loved their Sourdough Jack, too. It's crazy that I can actually still love their food, even after working there for a whole summer out of high school. A testament to their tastiness.

Rootbeer in eggnog????? I have never heard of that before. But now I'm going to have to try it! I didn't like eggnog, either, until I started finding some good carton stuff (and a lot depends on the brand, I've found!), and now I like it okay, but it doesn't make or break Christmas for me. But I also LOVE root beer, so I'm really curious. What sort of ratio of eggnog to rootbeer do you go with?

Movie traditions: hubby's dad loves to have LotR trilogy marathons over Christmas vacation. :) I would do that, too, if I didn't have kids vying for my attention...

nicole said...

Eggnog with rootbeer??? Ack! I think I might be with hubby on that one! But then again, I guess I shouldn't bash it until I try it! Maybe next time I go to the store, I'll pick some up. But I'm so with you on the chasing lights... and gingerbread!

Anonymous said...

Heehee. My name's Nicole. :)

Mommy Bee said...

Becky N--I worked at JitB for a summer too! And you're right, the fact taht former employees still like the food is quite a testament to how good it is!!)

erika~ the inspired mama said...

great list! :) i will have to give the eggnog shake a try! i am not a huge fan of eggnog but the milkshake does sound delicious! and root beer with eggnog... who would have guessed! ;)


Becky N. said...

The even funnier part is that I hadn't ever really eaten at Jack in the Box *until* I started working there. And now it's not even around half the country, thanks to the big e. coli scare over a decade ago. So sad. :(

I tried the rootbeer/eggnog combo tonight. Can't say I loved it, unfortunately. It was okay... but I prefer each of them separately. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, since I've never been a fan of cream soda, and it's similar.

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